9201 Germantown Avenue


(photo courtsy of Chesnut Hill Historical Society-John Naylor Collection- 1970.73)

DATE: Unknown
ORIGINAL OWNER: William Stroud

Northeast corner, Bell's Mill Road and Germantown Avenue.
Macfarlane: "Just beyond Bell's Mill Road, on the east side
of Germantown Avenue, was the William Stroud house, in front
of which was formerly a locust tree. This was a very old house
and was sometimes mistaken for that of Michael Schlatter.
It was on land fomerly owned by Benjamin Howell and in 1774,
devised to George Clingle. It was purchased from Alexander Huston
in 1833 and remained in the Stroud family until about 1890. In the
spring of 1927 it was destroyed by fire and this neighborhood has
been completely changed by the erection of a number of houses."
Now the Woodmere Art Museum.