8840 Montgomery Avenue








(photo courtsy of Chesnut Hill Historical Society-John Naylor Collection- 1970.102, 1970.131)

DATE: Probably 1880s (Demolished)
ORIGINAL OWNER: Trotter Family

The land this house was located on was owned by the Trotter family in the 19th century. The land extended
to Paper Mill Road. The Trotter name appears on the 1879 map of the area. The Trotters or Prices built the
house in probably the 1880s. Susan Trotter Price lived in this house. She had been married to Samuel
Goodman, Jr. who died in 1925 at age 28 from injuries sustained in a wrestling match. He attended the
University of Pennsylvania, and was a lawyer. Susan Goodman later married Howard Seaver (who was
a cousin of Richard Snowden, who gave this information).

Between 1920-22, the lot to the south where Gray's house is presently was sold off. In 1928, the lot to the
north was removed and a house was built by architect Okie, now lived in by Virginia Wilmsen. By the1930s,
the 8840 Montgomery Avenue house was demolished because taxes were too high for the family to pay.
In 1948, the property on corner of Paper Mill Road and Montgomery Avenue was sold off and a house was built.

According to Mrs. Frederick Graham in 1997, Sue Goodman sold the house to John and Charlotte Prizer.
CHHS has an easement on the present-day house at 8840 Montgomery Avenue.

Note: Borie lists this building as the home of "Seaver." The 1929 "Chestnut Hill and Mount Airy Residential
and Telephone Directory" lists Howard E. Seaver, 8840 Montgomery Avenue.