Northeast corner of East Chestnut Hill and Norwood Avenues


(photo courtesy of Chesnut Hill Historical Society-John Naylor Collection: 1970.78)

DATE: 1887 - 1888
ORIGINAL OWNER: Charles Taylor

Springside School was started in 1879 by Mrs. Comegy and Miss Bell,
in one of the two houses of the south side of Summit Street between
Prospect Street and the Reading Railroad. It soon moved to Chestnut Hill
and Norwood Avenues and remained there until the move to the present
location at the intersection of Willow Grove Avenue and Cherokee Street
in December, 1957. Land for the present school (originally part of the front
lawn of Druim Moir, the Houston estate,) was given by Dr. and Mrs. Henry
P. Brown as a birthday present to the school on its 75th anniversary. Addition
to the Norwood Avenue school building was probably designed by Cope and
Stewardson, according to Jeff Moak. The spring for which the school is named
is on the property of 129 Bethlehem Pike. Modern doctor's offices and parking
lot on site presently.

Note: Demolished Old Springside Upper School in Hotchkin, p. 455:
"Mrs. Comegy's School (Springside)," and on p. 487: "The site of Mrs. Comegy's
and Miss Bell's Young Ladies School was occupied by Justus Donat, a brother
of the innkeeper, and was owned by Charles Taylor."