Formerly on Northeast side of what is now Sunset Avenue, near Crefeld Street









(photo courtesy of Chestnut Hill Historical Society-John Naylor Collection: 1970.47)

DATE: 1885 built (Demolished)
ORIGINAL OWNER: George I. Bodine

Demolished "Belle Ayre" on Sunset Avenue near Germantown Road. "Belle Ayre" with its
imposing and hospitable stone residence built in 1885 by George I. Bodine, head of banking
firm of Bodine, Altemus & Co., is a comfortable home in Chestnut Hill on part of the
Hildebrun estate, with a grand commanding view of the White Marsh Valley." - King 's Views
of Philadelphia, p. 88. One of several homes in Chestnut Hill that had an open porch on top of
a tower so that the owners might take advantage of the views and breezes.