189 Bethlehem Pike









(photo courtesy of Chestnut Hill Historical Society-John Naylor Collection: 1970.83)

DATE: Probably built pre-1886 (Demolished)

"Lynnewood Cottage" was owned by Edwin M. Benson. It stood below his large house "Lynnewood
Hall." Edwin M. Benson, Jr. and his wife lived in Lynnewood Cottage. A two-story addition was
added to the north side in 1913 by the architecture firm of Mellor and Meigs. The house was
demolished in the 1930s after a new house was built adjacent. The foundation wall of the cottage
still exists in the garden of the present house. The property has been in the Benson/Nalle family
throughout most of the 20th century. Mrs. Horace (Ethel Benson) Nalle listed the property for sale
in 1997. Two sets of stone entrance posts for both the mansion and the "cottage" are still visible
along the Bethlehem Pike.

Note: See Archives Collection, Small under "Lynnewood Cottage" for an oral history transcript
relating to the building.