305 West Chestnut Hill Avenue









(photo courtesy of Chestnut Hill Historical Society-John Naylor Collection: 1970.100)

DATE: 1887-1888
ARCHITECT: Lindley Johnson
CONTRACTOR: Henry Taylor

This Victorian confection known as "Wainwright," with its flamboyant gables and
timber work, broad curved porch, and three-story stone tower topped with an open
porch is little recognized in the community today. Substantial alterations in the
years following Mr. Naylor's photograph have stripped it of much of its Victorian
character, and the growth of trees have all but obscured it from the street. The
carriage house still exists and is in corresponding style to this design. The
property has been alternatively known as "Blithedell," "Stony Brook Farm,"
and today is known as "Seasons," and is part of the Benjamin Rush Medical Center.