7 Caryl Lane


(photo courtesy of Chestnut Hill Historical Society-John Naylor Collection: 1970.80, 1970.81)

DATE: 1905 (Partially demolished)
ORIGINAL OWNER: Volkmar family
ARCHITECT: Theophilus P. Chandler

"Stonecliff" Property can be seen from west side of Norwood Avenue. This house stood on
Caryl Lane, which is not shown on the city map. The Volkmar family sold it to Richard Marton
in 1969. This house was partially demolished. The original house burnt in the 1920's. A new
house with a mansard roof was built on top of the massive stone walls. The addition seen in the
center of the photographof the photo on the left was not there in 1889, according to the Wells
& Hope photo at the Free Library's Print & Picture Department. George C. Thomas moved
from his house named Greystock in Wyndmoor on Evergreen Avenue to Stonecliff and renamed
Stonecliff, Greystock.

*Note: See Hotchkin, p. 464, for a lengthy description. 5 properties on Caryl Lane demolished.