Biography of John Samuel Naylor

( 1851- 1914)

John Samuel Naylor, the son of Jacob and Anna M. Naylor, was born in Philadelphia on June 4, 1851. He was an engineer who owned Peoples Iron Foundry in Philadelphia and had an interest in photography and architecture. These photographs were taken with his 4”x5” Speed Graflex camera.

John Samuel Naylor lived all of his life in Philadelphia. He and his family summered for many years in Lake Placid, New York, and then Rockland, Maine where he died in 1914. After his first wife was killed in a carriage accident on East River Drive, he married a second time to Anna Herbert Albert, daughter of the Rev. Luther Endress, and Hennetta M. (Goodman) Albert of Philadelphia. She was born on July 17, 1862 and died in Philadelphia on October 5, 1933. The Naylor’s lived in the Tudor-revival style house at 201 West Chestnut Hill Avenue.

The Naylor’s had two surviving daughters, Marion Naylor Swartley and Ansie Naylor Dunning, both of whom are now deceased. Both daughters corroborated the family names of the people who lived in the houses photographed by their father. Mrs. Alfred C. Borie (Frances Dorrance Dunning), Mrs. Robert L. Madden (Diana Dunning), and Mr. George Dunning, II are the grandchildren of John Samuel Naylor who donated the photographs to the Chestnut Hill Historical Society in memory of their aunt, Marian Naylor Swartley, "who is the last surviving member of that generation of the Naylor clan."


Peoples Iron Foundry owned by John Samuel Naylor

(photo courtesy of Chestnut Hill Historical Society-John Naylor Collection: 1970.130)

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