HSPV 04-600


A South Philadelphia rowhouse: S. Warnock Street [rev. Dec 04]
Sarah C & Brendan B

A West Philadelphia rowhouse: Fallon Street [rev. Dec 04]
Cynthia S. & Sean D

A Suburban villa: T. C. Price house [rev. 28 Nov. 04]
Frances F., Sunny K. & Jill V.

Mapping Projects

Mapping Patterns of Wealth and Class, 1845, 1865: [rev. Dec 04]
Leigh, Leslie, Hillary, Andrew

Mapping Physicians and Shoemakers, 1875-1915: [rev. 13 Dec. 04]
Sunny, Bhawna

Growth of Catholic Parishes in Suburban Philadelphia: [rev. Dec 04]

Women's Geographies in 19th-century Philadelphia: [rev. Dec 04]
Jenna, Gretchen

A Norristown block over Time: [17.6 M .pdf]

Urban Figure and Ground at INHP: [rev. Dec 04]
Sergio, Linda

Image Collections:

Naylor Photos, Chestnut Hill, c. 1910 [rev. 7 Dec. 04]
Bhawna D., Linda K., Leigh S. & Gretchen H.

Taylor Watercolors of Philadelphia Street Scenes, 1861, Winterthur Library


Samuel Sloan and The Architectural Review and American Builders' Journal, 1868-70 [rev. Dec 04]
Andrew F & Dina K.

"Letter from Philadelphia," American Architect and Building News, 1876 [rev. Dec 04]
Sarah K & Leslie F.

Suburban Life in Philadelphia, 1909-10 [rev. Dec 04]
Julie D & Jenna H.


Architects' Works:

Willis G. Hale [rev. Dec 04]
Sabra S & Logan M

Cope & Stewardson [rev. 25 Oct.]
Christy L. & Kelly W.

Keen & Mead [rev. 7 Nov.]
Sarah T & Sergio D.


Developers' Works:

H. R. Shoch [rev. Dec 04]
Hillary A & Mary G

John McClatchy [rev. Dec 04]
Sarah S. and Abby M

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