PATTERNS OF WEALTH AND CLASS In Philadelphia: 1846 and 1865




Name Occupation Work Address Home Address
Additional information- from Wealthy Citizens
Abbott, Timothy (Estate) gentleman 16 N 4th 60 S 6th Mr. Abbott was once of the firm of Abbott & Barnes, Curriers and Leather Dealers, and afterwards in the same business with David Kirkpatrick, under the firm of Timothy Abbott & Co. , in which he made a large fortune.   He also made money by the purchase and sale of real estate.   He died last year.
Ashhurst, Richard merchant 80 High 263 Mulberry By birth an Englishman—came to this country before the last war; was once a book-keeper for the old House of Guest & Bancker; then a partner of the House of Wheeler & Ashhurst, and now in business with his sons; but made his money by himself in the dry goods business.   Married a respectable widow lady by the name of Mrs. Hughes.   A good citizen with a large family.
Bettle, Sen., Samuel merchant   14 S 3rd Made his money chiefly as an importer and dealer in superfine cloths and sassimeres.   He is a good and worthy citizen.
Boyd, William doctor   62 S 11th Once a member of our State Legislature, and Director of the Delaware Insurance Company; a respectable and worthy citizen.
Caldwell, James S. gentleman   164 N 9th  
Cornelius & Co. merchant 181 Cherry 176 Chestnut The famous lamp and chandelier manufacturers, who have made a large fortune in the business, and are now establishing branches for the sale of their goods in the incorporated districts of the county of Philadelphia, and elsewhere.
Dallas, George Mifflin attorney and counselor and Vice President of the United States   259 Walnut Vice President of the United States.   He married a Miss Nicklin, daughter of the late Philip Nicklin, merchant, of this city.   Has been United States Senator; minister to Russia, and was repeatedly offered seats in cabinets of Presidents Jackson and Van Buren.   His salary is five thousand dollars per annum, as Vice President, and he owns the house he resides in, in Walnut near Tenth street.
Diver, Joseph gentleman   208 Mulberry Made his money in the grocery business, and was connected or related to the late rich Paul Beck, Jr.
Eisenbrey, Jr., John merchant Pear & Dock Pine ab 10th  
Fassit, Thomas (Estate) gentleman   433 Mulberry  
Frenaye, Mark Anthony merchant   St John's Church Formerly of the House of Chapron, Frenaye & Co., silk merchants.   By birth a Frenchman—now retired from all business, and lives in the Bishop’s house of St. John’s church, having given all his worldly goods to further the cause of religion.   He is a sincere Christian, a meek citizen, and a man of great integrity and worth, much esteemed by all his countrymen.
Hazlehurst, Isaac attorney & counselor   26 Washington Is a lawyer of standing, and has been a representative from the city in the state legislature; is a director in the Pennsylvania Fire Insurance Company; he is generally esteemed for his excellent qualities; is related by marriage to the Ashhurst family.
Hockley, John cashier   8th & Chestnut At present cashier of the Bank of North America, in which institution he was for some years a clerk.   He is a man of good business habits and correct moral deportment.
Jeans, Isaiah gentleman   208 N Front  
King, Francis gentleman   332 Mulberry Son of the late Daniel King.
Levy, Patrick merchant, wines and liquors   453 High Distiller, Market beyond Broad street.
Lovering, J. S. steam sugar refiner 27 Church alley 340 Chestnut Made his money in the steam sugar refining business, after having reaped a harvest of experience, in connection with Mr. Phillips in the same manufacture some years ago.   Mr. L. has the most successful establishment in this city, for the process of refining crude sugar, and deserves credit for the state of perfection to which he has brought the manufactured article.   He owns much real estate and enjoys good credit.
Mallery, Garrick attorney & counselor 48 S 4th Library bel 5th Came from the eastward.   At one time president judge of one our State Courts; also a member of the State Legislature.   Has been married three times; is an attorney and counsellor of good standing.
Morton, Dr. Samuel G. doctor   387 Mulberry  
McMurtrie, James merchant   11 Girard Formerly in the mercantile business, now retired.   Property in valuable real estate.
Paul, Comegys gentleman   3 Portico Sqr Formerly in the dry goods business; has a beautiful residence Spruce st., besides an elegant country seat.   Is very fond of books; and possesses an extensive and valuable library.
Pechin, John gentleman   157 S 10th For a long time collector of taxes, and vestryman of St. Paul’s church.
Randolph, Richard merchant   33 S 12th Made his money in company with the late Richard Milne, a very rich Englishman (who came to this country very poor,) in the importing of British dry goods, and as agents for houses in England.
Roach, Isaac Treasurer of the Mint   245 Spruce Treasurer of the United States mint—appointed by President Tyler; married a Miss Huddell, by whom he acquired a fortune; has been whig mayor of the city, and select councilman.
Ryan, Lewis gentleman   373 Walnut An Irishman by birth; made his money in the boot and shoe making business.   A director of the Western bank, and now retired upon his fortune.
Sharp, John merchant 37 N Front 71 Lombard Formerly in business with Edward Wilson, in importing goods from England.   Is an intelligent, shrewd, and well-informed merchant, and has been very fortunate in making good investments in real estate.   Is an Englishman by birth.
Smith, Newberry gentleman   227 Vine Retired from all business for many years.   Formerly engaged in shipments to Canton and Calcutta, and when investments from those places paid handsome profits.
Swope, George gentleman   351 N 6th By close attention and great industry, as a painter and glazier, this gentleman made his money—now retired.
Warder, Benjamin H. gentleman   179 Vine  
Wheeler, Enoch (Estate) carpenter   5 St John  
Wistar, Richard gentleman   11 Clinton Sqr A son of fortune and the late Richard Wistar, iron monger, who kept store for a long time at the north west corner of Market and Third streets.   Obtained his property from his father and aunt; he owns a large landed estate in the county of Philadelphia, besides real estate in the city, and is different parts of the state.   He married a Miss Lewis.


from Memoirs and Auto-Biography of Some of the Wealthy Citizens of Philadelphia, 1846:


In submitting to the public this work, the writer wishes it to be understood, that the facts stated are chiefly derived from authentic sources­—from official records in some cases—from the persons themselves in others, and generally from certain data.   It is unlike the ephemeral things that have passed away, purporting to be somewhat similar in their object, and he, therefore, confidently lays its contents before a liberal and candid community for their verdict—their sentence, and will be satisfied with their decision.

In England, and in some parts of this country, all the rich men are aristocrats; not so, however, in Philadelphia; most of our wealthy citizens are plain men, and although they pride themselves for having made their own money, live in a plain way, and do not spend their entire income. “The power of wealth, which is substantial, gains every day upon that of birth; which is fanciful. Sir Robert Peel, the son of a cotton spinner, whose sole patent of nobility was his money, rules the whole aristocracy of England, with an absolute power which no sovereign has exercised since the time of old Queen Bess.”   The present lord chancellor, by virtue of his station, the head of nobility, is the son of a Boston portrait painter!

Stephen Girard and Jacob Ridgway were plain men, without personal pride, and the enemies to ostentation and display.   What commentary upon riches and birth—upon aristocracy.



Name Home Address Neighborhood Occupation Business Name Business Address Income
Simon Arnold 615 N. 8th Poplar/Ludlow/Spring Garden gentleman n/a n/a $616,817
J.G. Fell 1406 Walnut Center City West n/a n/a 303 Walnut $398,550
George F. Tyler 15th & Walnut Center City West coal merchant n/a 328 Walnut $359,400
P. Buschong 1701 Green Fairmount/Spring Garden alcohol & fluid manufacturer P. Buschong & Sons 215/217 N. Broad $258,327
C. N. Beach 15th & Walnut Center City West coal merchant n/a 328 Walnut $239,400
M.W. Baldwin 1118 Chestnut Center City East locomotive builder M.W. Baldwin & Co. 500 N. Broad $211,832
Matthew Baird 814 N. Broad Fairmount/Spring Garden locomotive builder M.W. Baldwin & Co. 500 N. Broad $208,049
William Sellers   1819 Vine Fairmount/Spring Garden engineer William Sellers & Co. SW 16th & Hamilton $177,915
William Hunter Jr. Tulpehocken & Green Germantown merchant n/a 2051 Walnut $163,783
Richard D. Wood 1121 Arch Center City East ironpipe manufacturer R.D. Wood& Co. 400 Chestnut $159,603
H.W. Workman 1702 Green Fairmount/Spring Garden shipbroker/commission merchant Workman & Co. 123 Walnut $156,289
Samuel Welsh 708 Spruce Center City East merchant Samuel & William Welsh 218 S. Delaware $140,412
John A. Brown 1130 Chestnut Center City East gentleman n/a n/a $137,536
Charles Wheeler 1520 Pine Center City West ironmanufacturer n/a 209 S. 3rd $132,976
A.J. Drexel SE 39th & Walnut West Philadelphia banker Drexel & Co. 34 S. 3rd $131,631
Dr. David Jayne 282 S. 3rd Center City East druggist/chemist n/a n/a $129,149
F.A. Drexel 1503 Walnut Center City West banker Drexel & Co. 34 S. 3rd $128,349
T.F. Tasker Jr. 1624 S. 5th Pennsport/Whitman/Queen's Village iron manufacturer n/a 209 S. 3rd $127,899
Richard Norris Chestnut Hill Chestnut Hill locomotive builder Richard Norris & Son 17th & Spring Garden $124,902
Joseph Harrison Jr. 225 S. 18th Center City West gentleman n/a 274 S. 3rd $122,224
John H. Town(e) 1616 Locust Center City West ironfounder n/a NE Richmond & Ball $109,204
Stephen Robbins 1014 Shackamxon Northern Liberties/Fishtown rollingmill n/a Beach above Warren $106,504
George S. Repplier

Locust @ W. Rittenhouse Sq.

Center City West coal merchant J.G. & G.S. Repplier 329 Walnut $104,773
John Welsh 1034 Spruce Center City East merchant n/a n/a $104,404
Wm. F. Potts 316 N. 10th Poplar/Ludlow/Spring Garden iron merchant n/a 1225 Market $103,707
Henry E. Rood Chestnut near 40th West Philadelphia insurance broker Rood & Kingsland 411 Walnut $102,595
R.H. Gratz 1206 Walnut Center City East president Penn Gas & Coal 11 Merchant's Exchange $102,042
John B. McCreary 1801 Walnut Center City West coalminer/shipper J.B. McCreary & Co. 209 Walnut $100,021

from The Rich Men of Philadelphia: Income Tax of the Residents of Philadelphia and Bucks County for the Year Ending April 30, 1865.