Chain of Title for 744 South Warnock Street

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Grantee (new owner)
Grantor (former owner)
Date of Sale
Luis Mora-Rechnitz
Louis Mora-Rechnitz
April 4, 1988
Louis Mora-Rechnitz
Alberto and Elizabeth Cruz Sanchez
October 16, 1987
Alberto and Elizabeth Cruz Sanchez
Angelo Spalanca and Elizabeth (Grimmie) Cruz Sanchez
August 28, 1957
Angelo Spalanca and Elizabeth (Grimmie) Cruz Sanchez
Edward Penico, on behalf of Pietro Penico
June 26, 1941
Pietro Penico
Mary Jannelli
June 6, 1907
Frank and Mary Jannelli
Jennie Marsh and Joseph Briggs,
by descent from William Marsh
September 18, 1896
William Marsh
William Duffy
January 31, 1854
William Duffy
Alfred R. Ashton
May 25, 1853
Alfred R. Ashton
Charles and Margaret Tyler
July 3, 1852
Charles and Margaret Tyler
William and Ellen Wright
February 17, 1851
William Wright
Isaac Harvey, Jr.
January 28, 1851
Prior to this date, the property was part of a larger lot
along with what is now 742 South Warnock Street

This chain of title was the most straightforward of the three.  Slight confusion was caused by the most recent deed, where it seemed that Luis Mora-Rechnitz was selling the property to himself (for the amount of one dollar.)  Upon looking into it further, we realized that Luis Mora-Rechnitz's first name had been misspelled during his original purchase of the property, and another transaction was necessary in order to issue a new deed.  Once we moved past this, however, we ran into no further obstacles researching the deeds until 1851, when Isaac Harvey divided a larger piece of land into the lots that are now 1020 Fitzwater Street, and 742 and 744 South Warnock Street. 

The high rate of turnover during the 1850's was likey due to the growth and development the area was experiencing during the time.  The purchasers were probably acting on speculation, looking to buy the property and then sell it again quickly for a profit.

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