1885 Abstract of Title

September 23, 1884, Henry R. Shoch purchased a lot of ground, divided by Taylor Street running north-south and bound by Ringgold street and 25th street to the east and west, Berks street to the north and extending almost all the way to Montgomery street to the south, from William F. Benson. To be sure of Benson’s intentions and to clear his mind of any doubts, Shoch requested that the deed be rewritten, which it was dating February 24, 1885. The following day, Shoch sold the property to Charles Colladay. Colladay then sold the property to Joseph Carter Powell on March 14, 1885, who subdivided the land into 102 smaller lots and executed 101 indentures of mortgages. Two days later the land and the mortgages were sold back to Henry R. Shoch. There is no mention of the 102nd lot.

Source: “Abstract of Title to 102 Lots of Ground situate in the 28th Ward of the City of Philadelphia, belonging to Henry R. Shoch." Philadelphia, 1885.

1885 drawing of the lots from Abstract of Title