1875 Abstract of Title

July 1st, 1874, Henry R. Shoch purchased a lot of ground on the west side of Gray’s Ferry Road, approximately 125 feet south of the United States Arsenal and extending west to Schuykill Avenue from Justice Cox. Shoch then sold the land on November 30, 1874 to George W. Shepherd, who created Alter Street which runs east to west from Gray’s Ferry Road to Schuykill Avenue. On February 6, 1875, Joseph Carter Powell subdivided the remaining parcels on either side of Alter Street, creating 117 indentures of mortgage to Shepherd. Two days later Powell sold the mortgage debts to Henry R. Shoch for a sum of $113,150.

Source: “Brief of Title to 117 Lots or Pieces of Ground in the 26nd Ward of the City of Philadelphia, belonging to Henry R. Shoch, 1875 ” Philadelphia 1875. Briefs of Title, vol. 8, 1st and 26th Wards.

1875 drawing of the lots from the Abstract of Title