1883 Brief of Title

The property bound by Berks Street and Montgomery street, to the north and south respectively and 23 rd street and 34 th street, to the east and west, was purchased by Henry R. Shoch from the City and Country Cottage Company in November 1881.

On May 5th, 1883, Shoch and his wife donated a piece of ground within this lot to the city of Philadelphia to be called “ Bucknell Street.” This same day, Shoch sold the remaining parcels of land to Charles D. Colladay. Also on this day, Colladay sold the land to Joseph Carter Powell, who then subdivided the two larger lots into 104 smaller building lots.

Source: “Abstract of Title to a Lot of Ground in the 28th Ward of the City of Philadelphia, belonging to Henry R. Shoch.” Philadelphia, 1883.

1883 drawing of the lots from the Abstract of Title