1908 Mueller Map of Wynnewood

1913 Mueller  Map of Wynnewood

1913 Mueller Map of Wynnewood Railroad

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"Wolruh," home of the late Richard H. Rushton in Wynnewood, July 1910 edition
Albert W. Dilks, Architect

July 1910:
"Wolruh is an estate not only large enough to be exclusive, but extensive enough to be  adaptable to the treatment calculated to produce what is most pleasing and
effective in landscape adornment house... it suggests a refinement of luxury.  There is nothing pretentious about it.  It is not plain like the much older country houses, nor is it ornate like so many of the very new ones, yet it is sufficiently attractive of design to be noticeable and distinct and there is no question that the clinging ivy, and the seasoning touch which a quarter of a century of exposure has given to the stone walls, aid largely in giving expression to the dignified character of the house."

"These verandas are wide, with high roofs, and at a considerable elevation from the ground, commanding an extended view of the beautiful surrounding country, and from them wide and high windows give entrance into the house.  A very fair idea of the size of the house is conveyed by the statement that it contains seventeen rooms, not including the five bathrooms, but even this would not convey the idea accurately without the further statement that all of these rooms are very large.  It is really modern in all of its provisions for comfort...it is heated by steam, lighted by electricity and gas and supplied with artesian water for all  purposes, including its use at the lodges and at the garage, which adds the finishing touch of modern color."