Thomas c. price house

Suburban villa wyndmoor, pa



As part of our Documentation and Archival Research class at the University of Pennsylvania, our assignment was to conduct a historical analysis on a house located in a Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania. Wyndmoor is a town adjacent to Chestnut Hill in the Springfield Township of Montgomery County. By focusing on a town outside the jurisdiction of Philadelphia, we became familiar with the process of doing research in another county.



The house that was the focus of our investigation is located at 8700 Montgomery Avenue in Wyndmoor.  In addition, we examined this house’s adjoining properties located at 8640 Montgomery Avenue and 501 East Birch Lane.


Our research included conducting a chain of title to find past and present owners of the houses and properties.  We also studied historic maps to understand the evolution of the properties and the neighborhood over time.


This is the culmination of our research and the process involved in doing a historical analysis in Wyndmoor, PA.  Our hope is that this will be beneficial for anyone not familiar with Wyndmoor, Springfield Township, or Montgomery County, PA.


Frances, Sunny, and Jill

Oak Shade— Thomas C. Price House

Courtesy of Places in Time