Adjoining property


501 East Birch Lane



Date of deed:  03/09/1995

Deed book no.:  5107/948

Grantor:  Ruth Berger

Grantee:  Simon Berger

Consideration: $1.00



Date of deed: 07/18/1994

Deed book no.: 5084/1267


Grantee:  Ruth Berger

Consideration:  $1.00



Date of deed: 11/06/1987

Deed book no.:  4856/1716

Grantors:  Simon Berger

Grantee:  Ruth Berger

Consideration: $1.00

Comment:  It can be assumed at this point that a marital separation has occurred.



Date of deed: 08/02/1966

Deed book no.:  3441/710

Grantors:  Jules and Margaret Lavin

Grantee:  Simon and Ruth Berger

Consideration: $55,000



Date of deed: 08/10/1965

Deed book no.: 3392/69

Grantor:  Joseph and Helen Darling and Jeanette McLaughlin

Grantee:  Jules and Margaret Lavin

Consideration: $7,000

Comment:  A twenty feet wide driveway was conveyed to Jules and Margaret Lavin.



Date of deed: 07/07/1954

Deed book no.: 2526/21

Comment:  Joseph and Helene Darling conveyed unto Jules and Margaret Lavin together with the right, liberty, and privilege of a certain twenty feet wide driveway along the Northeasterly line.


Date of deed: 07/06/1954

Deed book no.: 2525/527

Comment:  Jules and Margaret Lavin, Kate Kelsey and others made an agreement to create an easement of a twenty feet wide driveway (0.732 acres).