Fire Insurance Survey for 430 South Fifth Street

(Northwest Corner)

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Transcription of Fire Insurance Policy for the Property on 430 Lombard Street

[Cover of policy]

POLICY No. 4278


Thomas Lancaster’s House

No. 114 Lombard Street

SUM INSURED} $2000 at 2 ½ per ct. $ 50.00

Policy and incidental expenses,}          $2

New Survey

                                              Dolls      $ 52.00

Philad. [sic]  183

Survey approved – Received policy


Policy No. 6757

Entered Page No. 7

Survey No. 2911

Inspected Aug 22, 1911

430 Lombard St

430 Lombard

Sum Insured} 2000 2 ½ $10

                        Policy         1


Philadelpia 22/89

Survey approved received Policy


On viewing the within described premises, I find the former Cross partition & folding doors Removed and the whole now in One Room, washboards, windows cased stucco Cornice, The Entry through to the piazza, In the Entry is a neat square head doorway with close door __ neat washboards & stucco Cornice, All other parts of the house Remain as before described

                                                            July 2nd 1846                                                    Philip Justus

Inspected August 22, 1911.  This building remains as per survey

Walter Tryday


[First page of policy]

Resurvey of Thomas Lancaster’s Three Story Brick house, Situate No. 114 on the South side of Lombard, between Fourth & Fifth Streets, __ Front 17 feet, Depth 34 feet, First Story in 2 Rooms, marble Mantles, neat washboards & windows cased, 3 Mohagony [sic] doors, 1 of them large & folding, Stucco Cornices, Entry, halfway, washboards & Stucco Cornice, __ Arch head front door, neat Jambs, Brick Arch, __ Second Story, in 2 Rooms, neat Mantles with Columns, washboards. Closets & windows cased, __ Entry washboards Third Story in 2 Rooms neat mantles, washboard, Closets & windows, 1 flight Strait Stairs, Closet under door.  Garret in 2 Rooms & plaistered [sic], Trap door, Roof Cedar Shingled, Tin gutters & Conductors, Wood Cornice front, Brick do back, Battlements, 1 Archhead dormer window front 12 lights, glass 10x12 in and 1 Square head do back 12 lights, glass 8x10 in __ Piazza 8 feet by 10 feet, Three Stories high 2 flights open Newell Mohagony Rampt [sic] hand Rail Stairs, Close String turned balusters, Roof, gutter, brick Cornice & Battlements, same as house, Back Building 14 feet by 33 feet, Two Stories high, First Story in 2 parts, One a parlour, marble Mantle, neat washboard, Closets & windows cases, __ Other part a Kitchen, plain Mantle, dresser, washboard & windows cased, 1 flight Close Strait & winding stairs, Second Story in 2 Rooms, plain Mantle is subdivided by a board partition, planed, grooved & painted, One of them as a Store Room & Shelved, other as a Bath Room, No Boiler, _ Loft floor’s rough boards, _ Cedar Shingled Roof, Tin gutter & Conductor, Leaf door, Brick Cornice, 1 floor harrow heart other floors narrow white pine boards, __ Glass 48 lights 11x17 36 do 10x16.  24 do 11x13. 72 do 10x12, 36 do 9x11. & 84 do 8x10 inches party walls 9 inches, Stud & board partitions, __ At the end of the Back Building, Is a plain one Story Shed 2 planed Square posts a part is enclosed, with boards planed & grooved, Brick floor, no part plaistered [sic], Cedar Shingled Roof, Tin Spout & Conductor East & West, Three Story Brick houses,

$2000                                                  Decb 30th 1839 [sic]                                        Philip Justus

The copies of the fire insurance surveys are taken from the archives at the Philadelphia Historical Society.

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