Fire Insurance Survey for 500 South Fifth Street

(Southwest Corner)


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Transcription of Fire Insurance Policy for the Property on the Southwest Corner at the Intersection of 5th and Lombard Streets.

[Cover of policy]

Policy No. 5321

Mutual Assurance Company for insuring houses from loss by fire to James Govern

$1500 June 19, A.D. 1834

Received June 29, 1867 from the Mutual Assurance Company Eighty-three dollars in full pr[ice?] between premium on the will is filed.   New Case cited & will disown

#8313 Patrick McNickle

    Per James McCaleer

[First page of policy]

$1500 At 2 Per cent.

The Policy Witnesseth that James Gowen having become a member of and The Mutual Assurance Company, for Insuring Houses from Loss by Fire, and having deposited in the hands of the Treasurer, Thirty Dollars in consideration thereof, the sum of Fifteen hundred Dollars is hereby insured unto the said member, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, from and after the date of this instrument, on the terms, conditions and provisions contained in the Deed of Settlement, a copy of which is hereunto annexed, to be taken as a part of this Policiy, UPON his three story brick House, situate on the Southwest corner of Fifth & Lombard streets as per survey No. 3835 which survey, it is agreed, shall, in case of loss or injury by fire, be the only evidence of the state of the property insured, at the time of insurance.

PROVIDED, and it is hereby declared, That this Policy shall not take effect, or be binding, if the said house, etc be now or hereafter insured in any other office, unless the same shall be allowed of by the Trustees of this Office and specified hereon.

In WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand, and caused the Seal of the said Company to be affixed, at Philadelphia, the Nineteenth day of June in the year of our Lord on thousand eight hundred and thirty four.

Lawrence Lewis, TREASURER

[Running along the side]

An Additional Deposit of one half of one part this day accrued from [sic] Mrs. Mary Woods for privilege of a tavern.  Also an additional Interest [sic] of Five hundred Dollars this day [tracted ?] on the premises.

May 19, 1858                                                                                     [illegible calculations] $20.00

                                                                                                                              David Lewis, Seer

An Additional Insurants of Fifteen hundred Dollars, this day effected on the within described premises.

July 13, 1865 on $1500 @ 27 [illeg] $27.50

[Second page of policy]

For value received We hereby transfer and assign unto Patrick McNickle as owner and his assigns all our [illeg] and interest in this Policy of Insurance, and in the deposit thereof, and all benefit and advantage to be desired therefrom.  With our hands and seals this Twelfth day of January A.D. 1865.


Sealed and delivered                                                                 Mary   X  [her mark] Woods

in the presence of J.S. Morton                                                 

                                                                                                Mr. L. [Crothus?], Trustee

                                                                                                In place of Mr. [Anison?]

                                                            Office of the Mutual Assurance Company, approved

                                                                                                Samuel [illeg]

                                                                                                David Lewis, Secretary

The copies of this fire insurance survey have been taken from the archives at the Philadelphia Historical Society.

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