The Southeast Corner

505 South Fifth Street

Through deed research at the Philadelphia City Archives we discovered that the property at 505 S. 5 Street was purchased by Timothy Hargarden on February 7, 1857. Alice sold the property on March 2, 1914. The house was demolished after this sale. Hexamer maps at the Free Library of Philadelphia show a wood framed structure with a shingled roof and a store undereath. It appears on the maps through 1914, but in the next map in 1922, a brick structure is illustrated. This means that it was demolished some time in the interim. Using this information, we tracked down fire insurance information at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania for the two properties to the north of this one. We included them because they offer an example of local business demographics. We have transcribed the Mutual Assurance policy dated 1846-1867 for those who are interested in more detailed information. In the 1860 Philadelphia City Directory, neighbor Francis Huckell is listed as a liquor dealer. The Hexamer Map of 1860 from the Free Library of Philadelphia provides information about how the building was classified. The rollover image depicts the buildings that stood in its place in the 1950s.

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Dina Kanawati

Cynthia Silva

Digital Media 624

Fall 2004