300 S. 4th St./400 Spruce St.
(SW corner of Spruce and 4th Sts.)

347 S. 4th St. / 337 Pine St.
(NE corner of Pine and 4th Sts.)

513-515 Spruce St.


Location map:

The purpose of this project was to collect as much information as possible on three of the Taylor drawings. These 1861 pencil and watercolor sketches exist as part of a set of nearly five dozen held at the Winterthur Library in Delaware. The research involved tracing the three properties through time to determine the approximate construction and demolition dates of the structures shown in the sketches. All three of the structures have been demolished, so our research also focused on the evolution of the lots over time and the history of later structures.

Our research had the following specific objectives:

The three sketches above are linked to separate pages with the results of the research. While general research was conducted on all three properties, the property located at 300 S. 4th St. was the focus of more in-depth research.



City of Philadelphia Archives

City of Philadelphia Historical Commission

Fisher Fine Arts Library, University of Pennsylvania

Free Library of Philadelphia

Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Library Company of Philadelphia


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Christy Lombardo
Sarah Thorp
University of Pennsylvania School of Design
Documentation (HSPV-600)
Fall 2004