Additional Information
German Schoolhouse


This section includes additional information regarding adjacent properties to the German Schoolhouse.

We met with Nancy Donohue, the Church historian of the Old First Reformed Church to discuss our research.
Through our discussion and site investigation, we concluded that the masonry brick building currently
occupied by the Triune Chiropractic, Counseling, and Wellness Center is the actual Schoolhouse
indicated in the Taylor sketch. However, the Schoolhouse indicated belonged to another church, the
German Lutheran Church. We knew that the Old First Reformed Church also had a Schoolhouse and this site visit
confirmed that it was located behind the church and currently under a different ownership.
The two Schoolhouse shared a courtyard with wells.

The only puzzling thing we came across during this site visit was finding a different roof orientation for the
Schoolhouse depicted in the sketch. The Taylor sketch shows the gable roof of the Schoolhouse along the north-south axis.
However, the building we speculate as the same building currently has an east-west gable. See a current image in the "Images" link.

Further investigation is needed to confirm that this building is in fact the same one depicted in the Taylor sketch.