Logan's Contribution

Because this website was based on one that we initially created for our Documentation class, it was very much of a collaborative effort. This is especially true in terms of content, both in the form of research and images.

We both went to each of the repositories listed in our Links section, researched the specific properties at the intersection of Third and Lombard and took pictures where relevant.

Once all the information had been compiled, we both decided on a general format as it would appear on the introduction page. We thought that the best way to illustrate our project was though showing the original watercolor images and then locating them on a map. This way people who were not familiar either with the Taylor Watercolors or Philadelphia would still be able to understand our work.

The elements that I specfically worked on related to both content and format. The first thing I did was create the methodology text. I thought that I would be helpful for people who were not familiar with research process to see the specific steps that we took throughout our project. I also thought that it might be able to serve as a kind of "how to" guide for anyone doing a similar kind of researching. I tried to write it in as general a form as possible so that it would apply to the largest number of people.

In terms of the format, I mainly worked on developing the requirements for this course. Most of the elements that had been asked for, we had already included in our original website. However, there were some additions that needed to be made.

The first element that needed to be changed was the consistent navigation bar on each page. We had had the option to move back and forth on the timeline and to return to the main timeline page, but I added the option of viewing the introduction page, the methodology page and the links page as well.

The last thing that I changed was the image rollovers. Because the images are over one hundred and fifty years old and certinaly have a great deal of accumulated history, I thought that it would be interesting to show them in several different forms. This would perhaps give greater depth to the context.


introduction 3rd and lombard links


Logan McClintic-Smith & Sarah Shotwell

fall 2004

digital media 624