Sarah's Contribution

This was a very team-oriented project, and most of the work was done by both members. However, in the interest of individualizing it a bit here is a list of the parts of the website that I take responsibility for:

- The timeline format: I created one timeline in Adobe Acrobat and then varied the colors and font sizes used in the text portion for each corner to indicate which time spans we did not have information for. I then saved each for web (as a gif file) and inserted the picture in the website, using hotspots on the timespans as links.

- The graphics on the Introduction page: I adjusted the picture of the map in Photoshop (distort to square it off, darkened the background and added highlights on each corner). I then imported each watercolor and placed it on the map in its location. After flattening the layers and saving the image I opened it in Acrobat and added the text (N,S,E,W, and street names). After saving for the web I was able to insert it in the table on the Introduction page.

- The "Photoshopping" of the map pictures: I opened each picture I'd taken of the atlases in the Free Library in Photoshop and squared them off, darkened the background, added highlights to indicate the proper location, and rotated it so that North was at the top.

Here's a short list of some of the major things that we did together:

- The format of the website: We sat down, organized all of our information and laid out how to convey it in the website.

- The research: We both visited every site listed as a resource and tracked down all of the information that is found in this website.

-The pictures: We took turns taking the pictures used in the website. Logan visited the Free Library and took the digital pictures of old photographs, and I took digital pictures of the atlas pages while she helped position the atlases.


introduction 3rd and lombard links


Logan McClintic-Smith & Sarah Shotwell

fall 2004

digital media 624