Taylor Watercolors

18th & Ann Sts. near Spruce 1861 21st & Walnut Sts. 1861 Federal St near 18th 1861

These watercolors are three of a collection of 57 held at Winterthur Library in Delaware.  The artist who painted these unknown buildings in 1861 is known only as Taylor. This website seeks to identify these structures and provide a historical context for why they might have been chosen as subjects. Some hypothesize that Taylor wanted to document these examples of a type of building which was disappearing as Philadelphia changed in character during the latter half of the nineteenth century.

Accompanying captions are the original text that appeared with the watercolors

Information about each of these houses may be found on clicking either on the picture or on the text beneath. Information includes:

Compiled by Frances Ford & Julie Donofrio

Graduate Program in Historic Preservation

University of Pennsylvania

Fall 2004