Sketches of Philadelphia in 1861:

Watercolors by Taylor

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Timeline for 2100 Block of Arch Street from 1804-1874


From left to right: 2116, 2118, 2120 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA.

Watercolor by Taylor (1861). Image courtesy Winterthur Museum.

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Date Owner Building/Lot/Event Source



Grantor: Michael Weaver

Grantee: Thomas Betts


September 5: Sale of lot

(2116 Arch Street)

Deed book: MR16 p. 335



Grantor: James Bowness (deceased)

Grantee: Hester Wells (by descent)

March 12: Transfer of Lot

(2120 Arch Street)


Transfer sheet for lot 1N12183






Grantee: Estate of William Powell

Grantee: Samuel Walker


June 11, 1823: Sale of 30 feet by 102 feet

(2118 Arch Street)

Deed book IH8 p.50





Grantor: Samuel Walker

Grantee: Ann Harper



Samuel Walker dies in testate. In March 1825, Orphans Court grants daughter, Ann Harper, "lots of ground, frame houses, and kitchens thereon.”

(2118 Arch Street)



Deed book ACH101 p. 37








Only buildings on 2100 Arch Street are four wood-frame two-story buildings each with one-story extension (except 2122 has 2 story extension)

2100 block of Filbert Street is lined with 3 story masonry dwellings—real estate development line ends right behind lots of homes on Arch Street

Hexamer and Locher Atlas 1860, Volume 2



1861   Watercolor sketch by Taylor of three unidentified homes.


1863   March 24, 1863: Sketch by David Johnston Kennedy Castner Collection Vol. 1 p. 9 . The Library Company of Philadelphia.






Grantor: ThomasBetts

Grantee: Samuel Bunting Jr



April 14: Sale of lot of ground 15 feet by 102 feet and frame messuage.

(2116 Arch Street)




Deed book ACH.119 p. 419









Grantor: Ann Harper

Grantee: Samuel Bunting Junior



April 25: Sale of lot 30 feet by 102 feet

(2118 Arch Street)




Deed book ACH101 p. 37






Grantor: Samuel Bunting Jr.

Grantee: Peter B. Levering


November 26: Sale of 20-foot. Lot. Assembled from lots purchased bySamuel Bunting; 8-foot western portion of 20 foot lot from Ann Harper on April 25 1863. ( ACH 101.312) 12-foot eastern portion of lot from Thomas Betts on June 5, 1863. (Deed book ACH.119 p. 419)

(Combines portions of 2116 and 2118 Arch Street)

Deed book ACH115 p. 535



Grantor: Peter B. Levering, House Carpenter and Christine, his wife

Grantee: Deborah Kessler


December 8: Sold 4 story brick messuage or tenement 180 feet westward from the west side of 21st street, 20 feet long on Arch, 120 feet deep. On South bounded by land of estate of James Gibbons, on East by ground recently purchased by P Levering from Samuel Bunting, on the west by remaining ground owned by Bunting. Noted as same piece of land which Bunting granted to Levering on November 26, 1863

(Combines 2116 and 2118 Market Streets)


Deed book LRB105 p.63








Grantor: Deborah Kressler

Grantee: Samuel Bunting, Jr.

Decmber 12: For $1 sale of brick messuage or tenement on South side of Arch Street

(now 2118 Arch Street)


Deed book: LRB 105 p. 66






Grantor: Samuel Bunting Jr.

Grantee: J. Percy Robinett

March 23: Sale of 4-story brick dwelling

(2118 Street)



Transfer Sheet for lot 1N1240






Grantor: Samuel Bunting

Grantee: Raymond T. Maull

Dec. 15: Sale of lot and brick dwelling

(now 2116 Arch Street)


Transfer Sheet for lot 1N12187





Grantor: John Wells

Grantee: William H. Abbot et. al.

July 13: Sale of lot

(2120 Arch Street)

Transfer Sheet for lot 1N12183




Grantor: W.H. Abbott and T. Shipley

Grantee: John Carson

October 12:Sale of lot and frame dwelling

(2120 Arch Street)




Grantor: John Carson

Grantee: William McGeorge


August 28: Sale of lot and brick dwelling

(2120 Arch Street)


Transfer Sheet for lot 1N12183


1874   Houses are gone; replaced by brick dwellings; building distribution and footprints have changed. G.H. Jones & Company Map of Philadelphia, Vol. 3, 1875.
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