8860 Germantown Avenue (near Laughlin Lane)









(photo courtesy of Chestnut Hill Historical Society-John Naylor Collection: 1970.33)

DATE: probably in the 1860's
ORIGINAL OWNER: Mr. and Mrs. William Ernest Goodman

This house was on the site of the present 8846 & 8860 Germantown Ave. It was built before 1876,
probably in the 1860s, to the south of the Jesse Kneedler property and house. The Borie list reads,
"Kneedler" and in handwriting "Fleming 2nd up," but I (Liz Jarvis) believe this was the house just
south of the Kneedler house. This was the house of donor, Joan Wallich's grandparents, Mr. & Mrs.
William Ernest Goodman. On the 1923 Atlas, their name is recorded below the Kneedler property.
Joan said her parents lived here in the 1910's through about 1935. Then, the house was deemed
too expensive to heat. The family moved to 140 Bethlehem Pike and was there during WW II,
when Joan came from South America to live with them. She remembers being taken to see the vacant
house on Germantown Ave. during the war years. This is a bit puzzling as the 2 houses now on
the front of the property were built in the late 1930s. It is possible this house was still standing
as the 1930's houses are close to the road.