Plan Book: 2 S 21

Former Owner
Present Owner
Description of Land
#4 6 June 1865
George W. Appleton
John Edgar Thomson All that lot of ground situated on the W side of 18th ST. and S side of Ann St. containing in front North and South 5ft and in length and W 6 ft.
#29 6 April 1868
J. Edgar Thomson
Charles Homer 260 S 18th St .
24 Sept 1869
Charles Homer
Lucretia S. Heckscher a 4 story brick messuage front 25 ft, depth 60 ft.
#30 6 April 1868
J. Edgar Thomson
John Neill, MD 258 S 18th St
7 June 1888
John Neill, MD
Ann Hollingsworth Neill, by will as executor