A lot or piece of ground situated in the twenty sixth ward of the City of Philadelphia described according to a recent survey thence made by Thomas Daly as follows. Beginning at a point in the middle of the Irish tract lane and in the north forty degrees forty five minutes East along the middle of the said Lane crossing Seventeenth street diagonally three hundred and twenty four feet three inches to a point in the South line of Washington Avenue(formally called Prime Street) thence Westwardly along the south line of the said Washington Avenue crossing Seventeenth street four hundred and forty eight feet four inches to ground formally of Samuel Powell, thence South forty degrees fifth nine minutes West by the same ground crossing Eighteenth Street diagonally Three hundred and twenty six feet two inches to a point in the North line of the said Ellsworth Street and thence Eastwardly along the North line of the said Ellsworth Street crossing the said Eighteenth Street. Four hundred and fifty one feet ten inches and one eighth of an inch to the place of beginning containing two acres, three roods and thirty seven perches and forty nine hundredths of a perch of land.

Deed 1 (8 S 4)/ Deed 50 (8 S 3)