Portrait of John Clement Stocker, 1814 - Thomas Sully

at Newark Museum, Newark, New Jersey

John Clement Stocker was a "prominent  Philadelphia merchant."  He lived from August 30,1786 to 1829, when he died at a young age, leaving a widow and 9 children.  During his life in Philadelphia , he served as Treasurer of the The Green Tree, otherwise known as the Mutual Assurance Co, was an Alderman under the Mayor, and also ran for Mayor for the 67th Mayorial Administration against Matthew Lawler, but did not win the title.  He also served as a bank board member in 1798.  More about Stocker can be found in Colonial Homes of Philadelphia & its Neighborhood, by Harold D. Eberlein & Horace M. Lippincott, 1912 .  

Though the Stocker owned this piece of rural land at Federal St. and Irish Tract Lane , the family resided at 402 S Front St in the City of Philadelphia .  A description of the home is also included in Colonial Homes, above. The house was built from 1791-95.  A HABS survey was conducted on the house in 1961, making available a wealth of information. 

Upon Stocker’s death, his widow Caroline Stocker, was the legal owner of his real property.  She and his heirs retained the land until she sold it in the early 1870s.

Stocker Family Bible, Historical Society of Philadelphia.