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D1. The Philadelphia Club, 1301 Walnut Street (built 1837-38 as the Thomas Butler residence).
Gelatin silver print by John R. Wells, ca. 1952.
Library Company of Philadelphia.

D2. Episcopal Academy, 1324 Locust Street (built 1849-50, John Notman, architect).
Photograph, 10 January 1917.
Philadelphia City Archives (904/ #3798-T).
Shortly later the site of the Hotel Sylvania; see item D22.

D3. The College of Physicians, northeast corner 13th and Locust Streets (built 1862-63, James H. Windrim, architect; altered mid-1880s by T. P Chandler, architect).
Albumen print, ca. 1885.
Library Company of Philadelphia.
The site is now a surface parking lot.

D4. Library Company of Philadelphia, northwest corner Juniper and Locust streets (built 1879-80, Frank Furness, architect).
Perspective, ink and watercolor on paper, ca. 1879.
Library Company of Philadelphia.
For a later view of the site, see item E17.

D5. Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1300 Locust Street (built 1832-36 as Powel mansion, added to and adapted, 1883, Addison Hutton, architect).
Photograph, ca. 1885.
Philadelphia City Archives (903/ #11512).
For an earlier view of the site, see item A8.

D6. Elizabeth Robins Pennell, Our Philadelphia (Philadelphia: J.P. Lippincott Company, 1914), with lithographed view of Edward Robins house, 1110 Spruce Street, by Joseph Pennell.
Library Company of Philadelphia.
See also items A18a and A18b.

D7. Philadelphia Red Book: A Directory for 1878 (Philadelphia: Mason & Co., 1878).
Library Company of Philadelphia.

D8. Philadelphia West End Visiting Directory (Philadelphia: Collins, printer, 1878).
Library Company of Philadelphia.
The pages displayed show addresses on Spruce Street.

D9a. Fire insurance survey of Faires Classical Institute, 238-40 South Camac Street, for John W. Faires, 23 August 1854.
Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Franklin Fire Insurance Co. Records (policy 0: 24347).

D9b. 238-40 South Camac Street
Photograph, January 2000.
Library Company of Philadelphia.

D10. "The New Century Club," 124 South 12th Street (built 1891, Minerva Parker Nichols, architect), in Frank H. Taylor, ed., The City of Philadelphia . . . prepared under the Auspices of the Trades Leagues (Philadelphia, 1900).
Library Company of Philadelphia.

D11. Mask & Wig Club, 310 South Quince Street (built 1834 as St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, adapted by Wilson Eyre, architect, for club, 1894-1901), interior.
Gelatin silver print by Photo-Illustrators, ca. 1934.
Library Company of Philadelphia.

D12. Frank H. Taylor, Poor Richard’s Dictionary of Philadelphia (Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott Company, 1916), with view of club, 239-41 South Camac Street.
Library Company of Philadelphia.

D13. Victorian townhouses, 1314-22 Locust, Street.
Photograph, 10 January 1917.
Philadelphia City Archives (904/ #3797-T).
For a later view of this site, see item F1.

D14. Boyd’s Blue Book: the Fashionable Private Address Directory…. (Philadelphia: C.E. Howe Co., 1885).
Library Company of Philadelphia.

D15. Clarence B. Moore house, 1321 Locust Street (built 1890, Wilson Eyre, architect) and Dr. Joseph Leidy house, 1319 Locust Street (built 1893-94, Wilson Eyre, architect).
Perspective and plans by Eyre reproduced in American Architect and Building News 32 (2 June 1894).
Bryn Mawr College, William A. Keely Collection, gift of John W. Freas, 1993.
For an earlier view with the church on this site, see item B5a.

D16. Houses on Spruce St., Philadelphia, Brown & Day, archts., 1101-15 Spruce Street (built 1889 for Alan H. Reed).
Perspective after photograph from American Architect and Building News 31 (7 February 1891).
Bryn Mawr College, William A. Keely Collection, gift of John W. Freas, 1993.

D17. 1309-15 Locust Street (including 1313 Locust Street, built 1897 as the C. B. Newbold house, Frank Miles Day & Bro., architects).
Photograph, 14 December 1916.
Philadelphia City Archives (903/ #3554-T).

D18. House for Mr. C. B. Moore, W. Eyre Jr Architect, House for Dr Jos. Leidy. W Eyre Jr Arch., House for Mr. C B. Newbold, F. M. Day + Bro Arch, northeast corner Juniper and Locust streets.
Aerial perspective by Wilson Eyre, 1898.
Pencil and watercolor on gray paper.
Art Department, Free Library of Philadelphia.

D19. Apartment House, 11th & Pine Sts., Gladstone Apartments, 1101 Pine Street (built 1889-90, Theophilus P. Chandler, architect).
Perspective from Builder, Decorator, and Woodworker (January 1890).
Bryn Mawr College, William A. Keely Collection, gift of John W. Freas, 1993.
Upon completion, this building was amply represented in Philadelphia's social directories as an elite address. For the site's earlier use, see item C8. It is now the site of Louis Kahn Park.

D20. Map of area, 1908.
Photocomposite from George W. and Walter S. Bromley, Atlas of the City of Philadelphia: Central Business Property 5th…6th…7th…8th...9th…10th…& 15th… Wards (Philadelphia: G.W. Bromley & Co., 1908), plates 9, 10, and 11.
Library Company of Philadelphia.

D21. Lincoln Apartments, 1222 Locust Street (built ca. 1892-93, George H. Fettus, architect).
Photograph, 10 January 1917.
Philadelphia City Archives (902/ #3794-T).

D22. Hotel Sylvania, 1324 Locust Street (built 1922, Leroy B. Rothschild, architect).
Photograph, ca. 1948.
Athenaeum of Philadelphia, Dillon Collection (photo #223).
For an earlier view of the site, showing Episcopal Academy, see item D2.

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