The Changing Heart of the City:
Building and Rebuilding Western 'Wash West'

Contributing your documents and memories:

If you would like to offer other images, documents, resources, or memoriesfor this website that you feel might enhance this exploration of the historyof this neighborhood's fabric 11th to Broad, market to South streets), pleaseemail,and attachtranscripts, accounts, or scanned images, if you like (you must own thecopyright because you took the photo or secured the rights from someonewho did; or copyright expired because the image was published before 1924,and it is now in the public domain). We will experiment with ways to integratethese submissions in some way, and try to build this site collaboratively.

If you are at the computer station in the exhibition itself, you arenot connected to the web, but if you'd like to try saving a note (try "WordPad")to a directory on the desktop called "contribs," go ahead, beingsure to identify yourself and give some means of contacting you; we'll checkthat file periodically.

Related websites:

Places in Time: Documentationof Place in Greater Philadelphia (mostly copied onto the LCP gallerycomputer, except for the databases).

There are a bunch of other sites out there, but this too obviously won'twork if you're at the computer in the Library Company's gallery, which isnot connected to the Internet.

Cities301, Fall '99, BMC: Projects

HPSV 701, Fall '99,U. Penn.

Library Company of Philadelphia

Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Athenaeum of Philadelphia

Philadelphia City Archives

[we'll think of others later]

Credits, acknowledgments:

The folks who worked on the site were:

Also thanks to Sarah Weatherwax, Erika Piola, Jenny Ambrose, and JohnC. Van Horne of the Library Company, for help with texts and images; toMark Gallini of Gallini-Henmann, designers for the exhibit; to the ConservationDept. staff, Jennifer Woods-Rosner, Andrea Krupp, and Alice Austen, whomatted, framed, and mounted the exhibition; to Ashley Kalemjian, who workedon the publicity and events; to Will Brown, for much of the photography;and to representatives of the lending institutions, who eased that process:BruceLaverty of the Athenaeum, Joe Benford of the Free Library of Philadelphia,Patti Cossard, Lee Arnold, and Bruce Scherer of the Historical Society ofPennsylvania, and Elizabeth Laurent of Girard College.

And finally, to the students at Bryn Mawr and Penn, whose classwork infall '99 focussed on this area, and whose research contributed substantiallyto the content of the exhibition and website.

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