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I1. Plan of the City of Philadelphia and its Environs,…
Engraving after surveys by John Hills, 1796 (London: John & Josiah Boydell, 1798).
Library Company of Philadelphia.

I2. Philadelphia.
Axonometric view of Center City by David A. Fox (Philadelphia, 1984).
Library Company of Philadelphia.

I3. Panorama of Philadelphia, From the State House Steeple, West.
Lithograph by John C. Wild, from Wild, Views of Philadelphia, and its Vicinity (Philadelphia, 1838).
Library Company of Philadelphia.

I4. Aerial view of Center City, Philadelphia, looking northwest from near Ninth and Pine streets.
Modern print from glass plate negative by Aero Service Corporation, ca. 1935.
Library Company of Philadelphia (8990.4390).

I5. Map of area, 1794.
Detail from Plan of the City and Suburbs of Philadelphia…, engraving after surveys by A.P. Folie (Philadelphia, 1794).
Library Company of Philadelphia.

I6. The House intended for the President of the United States, in Ninth Street Philadelphia, west side Ninth Street, above Chestnut (built 1792-97).
Hand-colored engraving by W. Birch & Son, (Philadelphia: R. Campbell, 1799).
Library Company of Philadelphia.
Visible in the background is the Philadelphia almshouse, erected in the block between 10th and 11th, Spruce to Pine in the 1760s.

I7. The John Dunlap House, southeast corner 12th and Market streets (built 1789).
Watercolor on canvas by John James Barralet, 1807.
Stephen Girard Collection, Girard College.
Poplars were planted along Market Street from Eighth past Twelfth in 1795, signaling a wished-for, tonier distinction in character from that further east with its mid-street market sheds. Dunlap would sell the entire block to Stephen Girard in 1807. For a later view of this site, see item C16.

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