Northern Suburbs

bio: Stetson, John Ballerson (1830-1906) m2 Sara Eliz. Schindler
- mfr, hats, John B. Stetson & Co., 1869
- d18Feb1906 - s/Stephen Stetson,hatter
- f-i-l of Roelfs
loc: n - ASHBOURNE, PA
- nwc OYR and Juniper -
bldg: 1885 c? - - eye, JBS purch c85- - altGTPby 92

Stetson, Idro
Hotchkin, Old York Road, 1892, p.95:
next to Roelofs "comes the still grander establishment
of John B. Stetson, the father-in-law of Mr. Roelofs. The
mansion, green-houses, and other buildings stand prominently in
view of the York Road, on a beautiful eminence. When Mr. Stetson
purchased the grounds, a heavy growth of trees, (forest trees),
covered them. Employing an experienced landscape gardener, many
of these were removed, whilst a great number still stand to adorn
and shade on of the finest lawns to be found anywhere in the
country. At the foot of the lawn, between that and the road, is
a lake of pure water, a very pretty feature of the place. On the
eminence, on which the house is locatde and a little to the east,
stands a tall green-house for tropical plants. Mr. Steson
occupies the mansion in the summer months, in the winter he lives
in Florida, where at Deland, he has extensive Orange Groves."

Hotchkin, Old York Road, 1892, pp. 146-53:
Idro=Russian meaning "cool and pleasant." 15
acres. "The grounds are laid out in an attractive manner and in
such a way as to give the best effect to the buildings which are
situated on the top of a knoll which is partly wooded and partly
lawn, interspersed with winding roads, a large pool, flower beds,
which display good taste of landscape gardening. The buildings
comprise a large conservatory, two rose houses and large stable,
in which building is the machinery for supplying steam for
heating and power for electrical lighting of the property. At
the rear of the stable is a pigeonnier in the French style, with
attractive surroundings.
" -
The main residence with which we have most to do, however,
has been from time to time extended from its original size of 40
feet square until with its latest extension it is 150 feet front
and 120 feet deep, over extreme measurements, being L
The exterior and indeed the whole building follows closely
the architecture of the time of Francis I, the type adapting
itself in the mind of the Architect, Mr. Pearson, in this case to
the expression sought and which would be the most effective for
the situation.
" -
The house is built mainly of local stone with Indiana stone
trimmings and has mullioned windows and two rather elaborate
on the corner, termintaing in balconies and copper domes. . .
Entrance is made from the wagon road under a porte-cochere
through a carved oak door way into a large hall 32 feet by 40
feet, finished in quartered oak of antique color; this hall was
the original house and in the recent alteration was changed into
a large hall running up two stories in height, with five feet
galleries running around its four sides." long addtl description,
phot from Hotchkin, Old York Road, 1892, photo from w, two
int perspectives of hall by

"It is an ideal summer country place. Mr. Stevenson the
landscape gardener has arranged many pleasing curves which vary
the lawn with lines of beauty." more.

bio: Cooke, Jay jr. (1845-1912) m1868 Clara Alice Moorhead
- banker, 1886:w/CDBarney & Co, bankers - s/Jay Cooke(1821- 1905).s=JC3(1872-)mBnsn
loc: n - Ashbourne
- nsd Chelten Ave e/OYR,St Pauls
bldg: 1870 c? - - eye

Cooke, jr.
Hotchkin, Old York Road, 1892, p.153:
"Directly east of the St. Paul's Church is Chestnut
Woodbine the residence of Jay Cooke, Jr., embosomed in the

**ELKINS, WM. L. - THE NEEDLES - Wade, A. - FX2,G64
bio: Elkins,WilliamLukens(1832-03)m57/8MariaLouiseBroomall(1832-)
- oil, traction, produce, gas, real estate - s/Geo.E/,papermaker,1786- 1849mSsnaHowell
loc: n - Ashbourne
- wsd Juniper s/Chelten -
bldg: 1887-89 - - ArchEra,Mar 1890,T&M87a/a,PI88 - dem

Hotchkin, Old York Road, 1892, p.94-95:
"the unique mansion of Mr. William L. Elkins. ...
Mr. Elkins purchased the property from Mr. John H. Michener,
President of the Bank of North America and like his friend Mr.
Widener has expended large sums of money in enlargement and
beautifying the premises. In appearance, the house is quite as
striking as that of Mr. Widener. The beautiful and extensive
lawn, with its artistically trimmed Norway spruce trees of great
height, cannot fail to attract the attention of the passer by."

Hotchkin, Old York Road, 1892, p.164:
persp w/ inverted arches by Wade, summer res..

Hotchkin, Old York Road, 1892, p.165:
purch from Michner, "has been entirely refitted. . .
. The building, before alteration, was in the style of
architecture so much in vogue a half century ago, but with
possibilities which have been amplified upon by the architect.
The first radical change was a new roof, beautifully formed and
broken with gables and dormer windows, the designer evidently
having Hawthorne in mind, as the gables number seven. A new
story was added to the rear portion of the house for the
accommodation of servants. The addition of a new porch gives the
necessary shade to the lower rooms, and a stone porte-cochere has
been built on the main front of rough quarry faced stone, of
modern English design. The architect was Angus S. Wade. Charles
McCaul was the contractor." (from PInq, 13 March 1888).

**FRAY, W. F. - [Oasis] - HAZLEHURST & HUCKEL - F
bio: Fray, William F. (1844-)
- mfr, vp of J B Stetson Co, there from 1866 - s/Stephen & Susanna Brock Fray
loc: n - Ashbourne
- swc OYR & Juniper
bldg: 1885 by -- PPressSe85,recently finished

Hotchkin, Old York Road, 1892, p.145:
"Mr. William Fray's pretty stone gate-way introduces
to his handsome mansion. It is pleasant to see the increase of
the fashion of having stately gate-ways in this country as in
England. . . . The house stands a little dsiance back from the

bio: Roelofs, Henry Hoffman m dau of Stetson
- mfr, Henry H. Roelofs Co.
loc: n - Ashbourne
- swc OYR & Chelten Ave
bldg: 1883 c. - - stable FFI Oct84

Hotchkin, Old York Road, 1892, p.95:
[at York & Cheltenham] "(in travelling through this
charming neighborhood, we are reminded more of England, in the
vicinity of the larger cities there, than any other part of
Pennsylvania, if not any other rural place in the United States),
is the mansion and grounds of Mr. Henry H. Roelofs, a
manufacturer in Philadelphia. . . . On the two side of the
grounds fronting on the roads, is a low stone wall. Magnificent
shade trees and shrubbery adorn the lawn, a feature of which, in
season, is a fine display of Rhododendrons. A large 'cold
grapery,' looking like an immense ship, turned bottom up, is a
conspicuous object."

Hotchkin, Old York Road, 1892, p.146:
"It is one of the most comfortable and best arranged
residences in this section. A splendid lawn marks it, and the
house is an attractive one among the many desirable mansions in
this pleasing suburb. This gentlman introduced electric light
with his own engine so that his country house and that of his
father-in-law, Mr. Stetson and his neighbor, Mr. Fray, shine at
night with a city brilliance."

bio: Noblit, Dell Jr. (1825-99) m Eliz Curtis
- upholstery importers, at d.=former pres Corn exch Nat Bank - s=Dell W.?
- d.20Jan'99
loc: n - Chelten Hills
- nwc Spring Ave & Whitewood
bldg: 1873 c,alt - eye- DN alt c73

Noblit, Hillton
Hotchkin, Old York Road, 1892, p.92:
"an old mansion, modernized and made to look very
pretty. Owned and occupied by Mr. Dell Noblit, he having
purchased the property some twenty years since from Mr. John
Hotchkin, Old York Road, 1892, p.165: "Next comes
the pleasant and handsome stone mansion of Dell Noblitt. This is a fine property of attractive
appearance. Mr. Noblitt has long been known in business circles
in Philadelphia, and has been an active member of St. Paul's
Episcopal Church, Cheltenham."

source: Gilbert Cope & Henry Graham Ashmead, Historic Houses and Instituitions and Genealogical and xxx Memoirs of Chester and Delaware Counties, PA, vol. 1 (NY, 1904), p170: son of Sr. 1777- 21 Jan 1878 who m(1) in 1801 to Eliz Wall (d, 1811), m (2) 13 kids
Dell jr m Elizabeth Curtis
in business with bro John C, mfrs of bedding. JCD ret in 1884.

**GILL, W. B. - [Graydon Hall] - FX2 [pencl]
bio: Gill, William Bellangee (1847-) m1847 Lizzie H Slater
- supt of Western Union Telegraph Co. fr80, vp Bell tel Cofr88
- WBG?
loc: n - Cheltenham
- ssd Jenkintown Rd, opp Beecher
bldg: 1860 c? - - eye dem
bio: Rhawn, William Henry (c1832-98)
- banker, 1893: pres,Nat Bank of Republic fr1866
- Guarntee T&SDd.27Jun98
loc: n - Fox Chase, Phila
- Rhawn & Verree rds
bldg: 1880-81 - - Hotchkin, Athmn notebook - ext

Rhawn, Knowlton
Hotchkin, Old York Road, 1892, p.416:
This pleasant country-seat . . . was named after John
Knowles, the great-great-grandfather of Mrs. Rhawn, who lies
buried in Oxford Church-yard. The house, built in modernized
Queen anne style, was completed and occupied in 1881. The
architects were Furness, Evans & Co. The stone was quarried on
the ground. The vestibule and hall are finished in oak, and the
rest of ther interior of the house is of white pine wood and
shellac finish. The wide hall is a prominent feature. The
dwelling is furnished with open fireplaces, which are pleasant
and healthful companions in winter. The house is roofed in
slate, and the stable is built in a corresponding style.

bio: Newbold, John Smith (1831-87)Mrs=Anna Penrose Buckley m1856
- banker w/father's firm,1886:W H Newbold Son&Co,bill brokers
- d.2June87 - s/Wm Henry Newbold, d1862
- APBN 1835-1915
- 1:Jenkins,2:Schofld
loc: n - Jenkintown
- 630 Wash Lane, wsd
bldg: 1730-90 c? - owners,eye - stable c.86 C&S- ext

Newbold, Vernon
Hotchkin, Old York Road, 1892, p.205:
"Jno. S. Newbold's estate, contains a mansion house,
which was built by one of the Jenkins family, perhaps Jesse
Jenkins, who occupied it. Samuel Schofield became owner of the
Newbold place, and on his death his son Edwin heired it, and sold
it to Wm. H. Newbold, father of the late John S. Newbold. . .
.The Jenkins homestead is a quite ancient building; the addition
is in two parts which have different dates making a history of
the family. It is an ample old mansion and looks very cosy and
comfortable, and keeps up a thought of old times among its new
neighboring dwellings."

source: Horace Mather Lippincott, A Narrative of Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, with some account of Springfield, Whitemarsh and Cheltenham Townships in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania (Jenkintown, 1948), p132: Jenkintown named after the family of William Jenkins. "His son Stephen Jenkins built and lived in 'Vernon' on Washington Lane recently owned by Mr. Newbold."

bio: Pepper, John Worrell (1852-1918)m Emily Buckley (d1908)
- mfr - d/Edw Buckley
- 1902 vp Sharpless Dye Wood Extract Co.
loc: n - Jenkintown
- esd Washington La
bldg: 1886 - - Hotchkin, Eyre list 1887 - dem

Pepper, Fair Acres
Hotchkin, Old York Road, 1892, p.206:
"This ample and remarkably beautiful and
architectural abode makes a picture, in driving along Washington
lane, which draws the attention of every passer-by. The building
is of stone, pebble-dashed. Wilson Eyre, Jr., was the architect,
and W. H. Thomas, the builder. The building was erected in 1886.
The varied angles and extended front are quite a feature

bio: Starr, Edward(1844-1914)mMary Williams Sharpless(1845-1940)
- broker 1889:w/Starr & Co(Edw & Isaac T),UP1861-62 - s/Isaac Starr&Lydia Ducoing
- she=d/Chasd14Jan1914 - bro=DrLouisS
loc: n - Jenkintown
- esd Washington La n/Church
bldg: 1870 c? - - eye

Hotchkin, Old York Road, 1892, p.141:
"Edward Starr's place in Washington Lane has also a
pretty lawn and a ha-ha wall encloses its front, while a porch
pleasantly varies the exterior of the house."
bio: Stotesbury, EdwardTownsend(1849-1938)m1FannieBButcher(c51-81
- banker w/Drexel, Morgan & Co, 1883, US Steel - ES there by 85. -
- d16May1938 - m2 1912Lucretia (Eva) E Cromwell, d1946
loc: n - Jenkintown
- wsd OYR s/Wash Lane
bldg: 1880 c? - - eye- dem80


Hotchkin, Old York Road, 1892, p.166: ETS
"has erected a Queen Anne frame cottage, which
has a pretty lawn strecthing around it."

source: Horace Mather Lippincott, A Narrative of Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, with some account of Springfield, Whitemarsh and Cheltenham Townships in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania (Jenkintown, 1948), p. 146: b 1849 6th & Spruce, son of Thomas P S, PE and mother, Martha Parker, a Quaker. TPS family from Sulgrave, Northhamptn, UK.
ETS named after Edw Y Townsend. grad Friends Central 1865, Youth 1603 Green St. family since 1865 summered on land on OYR till TPS death in 1888.
ETS m 2 Apr 1873 to Fannie B. Butcher, dau Thos & Ann P. lived at 1515 Mt Vernon.
in father's sugar refinery, then Drexel & Co., 1871 Drexel Morgan & Co.,
founmded by FMD in 1837, d. 1863 in RR accident. son AJD became Sr partner
"In 1881 a new home was bult on a portion of the Stotesbury land in Chelten Hills, but Mrs. S died in November of that year before it was completed. occ each summer until 1890, Later purchased by bro-in-law Ellis D Williams. ETS wintered at Aldine.
p150: in 1890 family moved to Germantown and a handsome but modest house was erected at Tulpehocken Street at number 225 west of Greene Street. "In 1899 he purchased 40 acres at East and Mermaid Lane in Springfield Township."
m (2) 17 Jan 1912 to Lucretia Roberts Cromwell.

bio: Wanamaker, John(1838-1922)m60 Mary Erringer Brown (1839-1920
- merchant, department store, politician
loc: n - Jenkintown
- wsd Old York rd, n/Chestnut Av
bldg: 1884,83 by - Toll&Schrager - - PT88 - dem
Hotchkin, Old York Road, 1892, p.166:
"On the hill opposite, Mr. John Wanamaker has erected
a fine country residence. The house is built of stone quarried
on the place. The residence is pleasantly located on a hill top,
and may be seen at a distance in the surrounding country. The
cupolas with their red roofs make a striking object in the
scenery. The estate covers some sixty acres, and is enclosed in
front by a stone wall. The entrances on York Road and at Chelten
Hills Station have stone gate-posts of large proportions."

source: Horace Mather Lippincott, A Narrative of Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, with some account of Springfield, Whitemarsh and Cheltenham Townships in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania (Jenkintown, 1948), p184: "John Wanamaker used Chelten Hills Station and I frequently met him there. He was a genial man. He took my granfather and me over his new great house on York Road before its completion and I was much impressed. It is now owned by the Boy couts of America who demolished the house in 1947 because of heavy taxes."

bio: Baeder, Chas. B. c.1807-86, Mrs.=Julia, widow
- mfr, glue,curled hair,sandpaper, 1886:w/Baeder, Adamson &Co d25Sept86 - B?
loc: n - Noble Sta
- esd Highland bel Susquehanna
bldg: 1860 c - - Hotchkin, eye

Hotchkin, Old York Road, 1892, p.183:
"A magnificent drive, lined on both sides with fine
Norway spruce trees introduces the stone house, elevated with a
basement story under the piazza. Satuary adorns the lawn, which
rises to the house. . . . Mrs. Baeder occupies the place since
Mr. Baeder's death. The farm enbraces 265 acres. . . . An old
farm house belonging to the heirs of JOhn Jones, stood on the
site of the Baeder mansion. It was torn down about 1858 or 1859,
and a part of it is in the foundation of the present building."

source: Horace Mather Lippincott, A Narrative of Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, with some account of Springfield, Whitemarsh and Cheltenham Townships in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania (Jenkintown, 1948), p132: 'Samuel Noble's name has been perpetuated in that section as has that of Baeder who had 265 acres on the west side of York Road. He was a successful manufacturer of abrasives."

bio: Barney,Charles Dennis(1844-1945)m1869LauraE Cooke(1849-1919)
- banker, Chas D. Barney & Co. after 1873, w/ Jay Cooke Jr - LEC dau of Jay Cooke
- d24Oct1945 - CDB from Ohio
loc: n - Ogontz
- 7908 Old York Rd, wsd abSpring
bldg: 1881 - - Hotchkin, T&M

C. D. Barney
Hotchkin, Old York Road, 1892, p.106:
old Eildon burned "a few years since and replaced by
the present large and beautiful mansion of Mr. C. D. Barney."

Hotchkin, Old York Road, 1892, p.109:
"the original farm building having been added to by
Mr. Frederick Fraley and long occupied by him after being
purchased and occupied by Mr. Barney, was burned but rebuilt in
1881, and is one of the finest and most complete residences at
Chelten Hills."

Hotchkin, Old York Road, 1892, p.159:
Barney "resides in the large pleasant stone mansion
trimmed with brick with its shaded lawn, and here Mr. Cooke makes
his home. Mr. Barney's former house was burned a few years ago,
and this fine Queen Anne cottage took its place. It is called

source: Horace Mather Lippincott, A Narrative of Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, with some account of Springfield, Whitemarsh and Cheltenham Townships in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania (Jenkintown, 1948), p182: CDB, son-in-law Jay Cooke. "... CDB, with whom he resided at 'Eildon' on the York Road in Ogontz."
p143: JCooke's daughter Laura m CDB
p144: "A son-in-law, after the failure, formed a new firm, CDB & Co., and Jay Cooke had a desk there.
CDB d 16 Feb 1905 at Eildon. house torn down in 1947. "His long life was a tribute to robust health, an equable disposition, temperate habits, and devotion to outdoor sports."

bio: Butler, John M. m Sarah Esther Cooke (1852-)
- 1889:pres 119 S 4th - m. youngest dau Jay Cooke
loc: n - Ogontz
- nec Spring Ave & Whitewood
bldg: 1885 c? -- eye

Butler, Terrace Holm
Hotchkin, Old York Road, 1892, p.92:
"on the right, and at the corner of White-wood Avenue,
stands the picturesque residence of John M. Butler, whose wife is
the youngest daughter of Jay Cooke."

bio: Fox, Caleb Fellowes (1860-1938) m1886 Margaret Crozer (d1928
- broker w/ Geo S Fox & Sons, brokers
- d3Aug1938 - s/Geo S Fox&Amanda Hickey
- bro=FM Fox
loc: n - Ogontz
- esd Old York Rd 2d s/MtgHse Rd
bldg: 1885 c? - - - mentioned PT88 -eye- dem

bio: Fox, Frederick Morton -
- broker, w/Geo S Fox & Sons, brokers - s/Geo S Fox & Amamda Hickey,bro Caleb
loc: n - Ogontz
- esd Old York Rd,s/Mtg hse Rd
bldg: 1885 c? - - eye,descr PT88 - dem
bio: Fox, George Sydney (c1831-96)m Amanda Hickey
- broker,bnkr,Geo S Fox &Sons,est1857 as Bowen & - s=Caleb, F Morton
- Fox,bonds,oil d.7June96 - -
loc: n - Ogontz
- nec OYR & Forrest, southern/3
bldg: 1880 c? - - eye - dem

Fox Hotchkin, Old York Road, 1892, p.90:
"On the same side of the turnpike, as we ascend the
hill, are erected the strikingly beautiful mansion of Mr. Fox,
the banker, and a little further to the northeast, are the unique
mansions of his sons Caleb and F. Morton Fox."

Hotchkin, Old York Road, 1892, p.153:
"There are three splendid modern stone cottages with
shingle work (one being partly of brick), which are gems of
architecture (designed by Furness & Evans) on the York Road.
These are the dwellings of George S. Fox, the broker, and his two
sons, Caleb F. and Frederick Morton Fox. There are pretty
piazzas and the remarkably fine lawn has a natural terrace. Two
flower beds on the upper side were specially noticeable. The
high position gives some of the finest sites on the Old York Road
to these buildings.

**PRICE, S. HARLAN [..]- F
bio: Price, Samuel Harlan
- wool merchant 1892 w/Price & Walker, h Westtown - gs/Harlan, shipbuildr, Wilmington
- 1:Shoemaker for son
loc: n - Ogontz
bldg: 1870 c? - - eye - ext

S. H. Price Hotchkin, Old York Road, 1892, p.159:
Mr. Samuel Harlan Price, grandson of Mr. Harlan, of
Harlan Hollingsworth & Co., Shipbuilders, in QWilmington,
Delaware, owns the house which Mr. Robert Shoemaker built for his son.

** SNYDER, W. FRED'K - ABEND-RUH - Albright, Harrison - F
bio: Snyder, W. Frederick (1846-)
- realtor,banker,1886,89:pres Northern Safe D &Trust,fr c.1880
loc: n - Ogontz
- nsd Chelten e/Juniper
bldg: 1889 - - B&D Jun89
bio: Borie, Beauveau(1846-c.1930)mPatty Duffield Neill(1846-40)
- finance - s/Chas L B. d86&Clementina Sophia McKean
- 1886: w/C&H Borie, brokers, UP65
loc: n - Rydal
- esd Wash La
bldg: 1888,86 - - PhTimes88,Hotchkin 86 -

Borie, Chelten
Hotchkin, Old York Road, 1892, p.193:
"On the Washington Lane front [John R. Worral] set
apart forty acres for his four chikdrenm on which his son, and
the husbands of his three daughters erected four mansions in a
quadrangle. [now Pepper, a sil; Frazier, Borie, Hockley]
Chelten, the residence of Beauveau Borie, was a part of the
Worral property. Wm. T. Lober who married Miss Worral built the house. In 1886 Mr. Borie rebuilt this stone dwelling. The architect was George C. Mason, Jr., of Philadelphia. The
entrance is on Washington Lane, between W. W. Frazier's place and that lane.'

**RYERSS, R. W. - [Burholme] - F [- pencl]
bio: Ryerss, Robert Waln (1830-98) or 1831-96
- lawyer, bar 1856,UP 1851,54, inherited $ - s/Joseph WalnRyers,RR entpr& Susan Waln
- f=1803-66,m=1806-32 d16Feb1896 - 1:Joseph W Ryerss
loc: n - Ryerss Sta
- wsd 2nd St Pk ab Twp Line Rd
bldg: 1859 c - - Webster ext

Ryerss, Burholme p.424:
"Burholme may well remind one of an English country-seat.
A long, graveled avenue, lined with fine trees, leads up the hill
to the mansion, which is built upon a foundation of solid rock.
From the piazza the beholder is struck by the delightful view;
but the extensive prospect from the fine observatory on the top
of the house exceeds anything which I have seen in this section
of the country."

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