Northeastern Suburbs

bio: Dolan, Thomas (1834-1914)
drygoods, 1886:T Dolan&Co,worsted&woolen goods
Keystone Kntgd12Jun1914 -- 1:John Wilmer,SWCanl
loc: ne -- Torresdale
nsd Bristol Pike,s/Knights Rd
bldg: 1852 c -- -- Hotchkin
bio: Dolan, Thomas (1834-1914)
mfr, Thomas Dolan & Co, knitted goods
d12Jun1914 -- 1:Wm Hood Stewart,53
loc: ne -- Torresdale
esd State Rd, s/ Convent Rd
bldg: 1853 c -- -- Hotchkin

Dolan, La Carolina
Hotchkin, Bristol Pike, 1893, p.215:
"derives its name from William Hood Stewart's
plantation in Cuba." built about 40 yrs ago by WHS [ca. 1853].
"Mrs. Clifford S. Phillips lived here for seventeen years . . .
Mr. Stewart erected a fine stable here for his many horses.

"Thomas Dolan, the well-known manufacturer, purchased this
house three or four years ago [1889-90] as a country seat. He
had lived nearly twenty years ib the summer season, at Beechwood,
formerly the property of Mr. Cannell, but now the residence of
Col. Morrell.
"The dwelling is beautiful and comfortable, and shares with
the neighboring mansions the charming view of the open river with its steamers and flying sail boats. . . . Mr. Dolan hasremarkably fine stables."

**DREXEL, FRANCIS A. (LATE) -- ST. MICHEL -- Hutton, Addison -- F
bio: Drexel, Francis A.(1824-85)m1Hannah J Langstroth,2EM Bouvier
banker, Drexel & Co,fnded 1837 by father FMD (d.1863) -- d.15 -- dau=Louise Bouvier Drexel mMorrell,br=AJ
-- Feb85 -- FAD
loc: ne -- Torresdale
-- nsd Knights Rd,n/Bristol Pike
bldg: 1870-71 ---- Bio, 1939,Hotchkin,T&M

F A Drexel, San Michel
Hotchkin, Bristol Pike, 1893, p.263:
"This was the site of an old farm house bought by John
R. Wilmer, who rebuilt it and enlarged it, and it was further
altered by Francis A. Drexel. It is now being altered into a
chapel by the Drexel family, who give of their best to God. . . .
[San Michel,] situated on a gentle eminence and overlooking the
valley through which flows the Poquessing Creek, about a half
mile from the turnpike, is one of the old places of the
neighborhood. . . . Mr. Drexel added to [the estate] and enriched
its already fine collection of trees and shrubs with many
beautiful and rare plants." [also animals, of which he was
exceptionally fond. after 1885 death] "the old homestead was
maintained for a number of years, but is now closed, save the portion of it which is used for a chapel."

**FITLER, E. H. -- LUZON -- F
bio: Fitler, Edwin Henry(1825-96) m Josephine R Baker (1831-1904)
mfr, mayor 1887-91, 1886:EH Fitler & Co., rope makers -- s/William, leather merch, & Eliza
d.31May96 -- 1:Nicholas Hopkins
loc: ne -- Torresdale
swc Fitler & Milnor
bldg: 1870 c? -- -- eye

Hotchkin, Bristol Pike, 1893, p.223:
"His country house is a cheerful yellow color, and the
grounds are ample and beautiful. . . . Nicholas Hopkins built
the house that ex-mayor Fitler lives in. He sold it to Mr.
McKee. who sold to Mr. Fitler."

**MASSEY, HENRY V. -- RIDGTON -- F [riy]
bio: Massey, Henry Vodges (-1914)
lawyer, bar 1884, UP law 1885
re broker -- 1:Chas W Harrison,55
dir of Bristol Tpk -- d2May1914
loc: ne -- Torresdale -- sec Frankford & Stevenson
bldg: 1855 -- -- Hotchkin

Massey, Ridgton
Hotchkin, Bristol Pike, 1893, p.252:
"Director Beitler's Place . . . has recently been
called Ridgemont, and Henry V. Massey, Esq., has resided there.
It was formerly styled Prospect Hill. The position of the house
is high and the Delaware River and New Jersey are in full view.
Charles W. Harrison built this three-story dwelling in 1855.
Edward Thomas bought the place of Mr. Harrison in 1886."
Harrison, a Phila merchant, acq site form David Cowperthwaite,
cashier of US bank; ultimately moved to Va. Harrison P.E.
Hotchkin, Bristol Pike, 1893, p.252:
HVM's later res= Beldale, old fashioned , 2 sty
stuccoed mansion. (ill.). visible from, but some distance from
Bristol Pike. hse blt by J. Ringold Wilmer about 1858. sold to
Cat. James Hall, then Hy V M.

**MORRELL, EDWARD DE VEAUX -- SAN JOSE -- Smith & Pritchett alts88-- FX2 [riy]
bio: Morrell, Edward De Veaux(1863-)mLouiseBouvierDrexel (c1864-45)
lawyer, UP85,88, city councilman, congressman -- s/Edward Morrell & Ida Powel
1:John Wilmer,SWCanl
loc: ne -- Torresdale
Bristol Pike s/Knights Rd
bldg: 1852 c, alts88, Hotchkin,purch,alt 1888 by EVM

Morrell, San Jose
Hotchkin, Bristol Pike, 1893, p.259: called Beechwood when res of Simon Wilmer Cannell.
"The mansion was built in the early part of the fifties. After
Mr. Cannell's death, about 1871, the property was rented by
Thomas Dolan, the Philadelphia manufacturer, who occupied it for
many years. In 1888, Colonel Morrell purchased the place from Mrs. Cannell, who was Miss Skipworth, of Virginia.. . . Colonel Morrell enlarged and improved the house and rebuilt the stable.
Colonel Morrell raises some very fine stock on his tract, overseeing the farm himself. Both horses and cattle are raised, but special attention is given to horses. . . . The drive fromRed Lion Road to the San Jose mansion is very beautiful, bordered by trees. The interior of the dwelling has a remarkably fine and elegant hall. The parlor and library open into it. Some ancient
books make the library interesting."

**WILSON, J. H., MRS. -[..]- F -[pencl]
bio: Wilson, John H., Mrs.,=Frances A Wilson, widow, 1889
electrician=JHW: 1895[?]
loc: ne -- Torresdale
Grant Ave nr State Rd' ?
bldg: 1865 c? -- -- eye
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