Suburban Manors of Late Nineteenth-Century Philadelphia

A listing ordered by architect and date, with houses for which no architect is given at the bottom.

The house/estate names, in capitals as given on the photogarphs, are linked to the images, which should open in a second window. The owner names are linked to a set of rough notes on each, with some specifics gathered on the owner, location, and construction history.

One may also explore the same set of images by location.
architect date owner [notes] house name [image link] location
Albright, Harrison 1889 Snyder, W. Fred'k. ABEND-RUH Ogontz
Andrews, W. S. 1880 c? Runk, Wm. M. LLANDEILO St. David's
Balderston & Hutton 1870 c? Bunting, Saml., Mrs. EDGEWOOD Sharon Hill
Boyden, A. J. 1885 c? Garrison, D. R. CHEPSTOW Radnor
Boyden, A. J. 1885 c? Mercur, J. Watts NETHERWOOD Wallingford
Boyden, A. J. 1888 Lewis, Herman A. [..] Chestnut Hill
Burns, C. M. Jr. 1883 c? Cook, Richard Y. WYNNEMERE Darby
Chandler, T. P. 1875-76 Page, Joseph Sr. WYNDECLIFFE Chestnut Hill
Chandler, T. P. 1880 Simpson, William Jr. INGEBORG Overbrook
Chandler, T. P. 1880 c? Logan, James A., Judge POGHEGO Bala
Chandler, T. P. 1880-81 Stewart, T. McI. STONE CLIFFE Chestnut Hill
Chandler, T. P. 1880-81 Thomas, George C. GREYSTOCK Chestnut Hill
Chandler, T. P. 1881 Ellis, Rudulph FOX HILL Lower Merion
Chandler, T. P. 1884 Brown, Saml. B. ROSTREVOR Haverford Sta.
Chandler, T. P. 1885 by Page, Jos. Jr. EDGELEY Chestnut Hill
Chandler, T. P. 1885 by Godfrey, Lincoln MELROSE Merion
Chandler, T. P. 1885 c? De Turck, J. G. [..] Chestnut Hill
Chandler, T. P. 1885 c? Townsend, John B. Jr. [Raynham] Overbrook
Chandler, T. P. 1888 Dunn, George G. [..] Chestnut Hill
Chandler, T. P. (alts) 1888 McGeorge, William Jr. THE HIGHLANDS Cynwyd
Collins & Autenrieth 1886 Lea, Charles M. RYLSTON Wyndmoor
Cope & Stewardson 1889 Townsend, J. Barton [Blancoyd] Overbrook
Crump, John 1883 c? Gratz, Lewis C. & Walter [..] Wyndmoor
Day, F. M. 1889 Kennedy, Francis W. ARDSHEIL Bradford Hills
Dilks, A. W. 1882 c? Shapley, Rufus E. HILDAWOLD Wallingford
Dilks, A. W. 1883 c? Gratz, Edward, Mrs. WILLINGTON Wallingford
Eyre, W. 1883 Potter, Chas. A. ANGLECOT Chestnut Hill
Eyre, W. 1884 Newhall, Charles A. [..] Chestnut Hill
Eyre, W. 1886 Pepper, J. W. FAIRACRES Jenkintown
Eyre, W. 1889 Drexel, A. J., Jr. THURSO Lansdowne
Fraser, John 1880 c? Hendrickson, S. A. MAPLE TERRACE Germantown
Fraser, John 1885 by Stewart, Robert HILAIRE St. David's
Furness & [Hewitt] 1873 Furness, H. H. LINDEN SHADE Wallingford
Furness & Evans 1875 c? Rawle, James CASTLEFINN Bryn Mawr
Furness & Evans 1878 c? Montgomery, W. W. LAINSHAW Radnor
Furness & Evans 1880 Welsh, J. Lowber HILL-BROW Wyndmoor
Furness & Evans 1880 c? Earl, Harrison EARLHAM Devon
Furness & Evans 1880 c? Fox, Geo. S. BERTHELLYN Ogontz
Furness & Evans 1880-81 Rhawn, Wm. H. KNOWLTON Fox Chase, Phila.
Furness & Evans 1881 Henszey, W. P. RED LEAF Wynnewood
Furness & Evans 1881 c. Griscom, Clement A. DOLOBRAN Haverford Sta.
Furness & Evans 1883 Roberts, Geo. B. PENCOYD Bala
Furness & Evans 1885 by Thomson, Frank CORKERHILL Merion
Furness & Evans 1885 c? Fox, Caleb F. NATLEIGH Ogontz
Furness & Evans 1885 c? Fox, F. M. FOXHOLM Ogontz
Hale, W. 1881 by Snowden, A. Loudon HAVOD Haverford Sta.
Hazlehurst & Huckel 1885 by Fray, W. F. [Oasis] Ashbourne
Hazlehurst & Huckel 1888 Ayres, G. Ralston [..] Germantown
Hazlehurst & Huckel 1888 Huckel, S. Jr. [..] Germantown
Hazlehurst & Huckel 1888 Chambers, Cyrus Jr. [..] Overbrook
Hazlehurst & Huckel 1888 Gest, J. M. [..] Overbrook, Phila.
Hewitt, G. W. 1885 Coxe, Edwin T. [..] Germantown
Hewitt, G. W. 1885-86 Houston, H. H. DRUIM-MOIR Chestnut Hill
Hewitt, G. W. 1886 Harris, W. T. [..] Cynwyd
Hobbs, I. H. & Son 1881 Barney, Chas D. EILDON Ogontz
Hutton, Addison 1869 c. Gage, D. T. ELM VILLA Merchantville, NJ
Hutton, Addison 1870 Scull, David THE CHESTNUTS Overbrook, Phila.
Hutton, Addison 1870-71 Drexel, Francis A. ST. MICHEL Torresdale
Hutton, Addison 1875 Booth, Jas. C. MIDHOPE Haverford Sta.
Hutton, Addison 1877 Fuguet, Stephen O. SYLVULA Bryn Mawr
Hutton, Addison (alts) 1880 c. Shortridge, N. Parker PENN GROVE Wynnewood
Hutton, Addison 1880 c? Townsend, J. W. [..] Bryn Mawr
Hutton, Addison 1882 Scull, Edward, Mrs. EGERTON HOUSE Overbrook, Phila.
Hutton, Addison 1884-86 Hartshorne, Charles HOLMHURST Merion
Hutton, Addison 1885 c? Crothers, Stevenson ROSLYN HEIGHTS Erdenheim
Hutton, Addison 1885-86 Strawbridge, J. C. TORWORTH Germantown
Johnson, Lindley 1884 Sill, H. M. SHENLEY Germantown
Johnson, Lindley 1885 c? Dougherty, T. Harvey THE PINES Germantown
Kennedy, R. G. 1880 c? Norris, Thaddeus [..] Wynnewood
Kennedy, R. G. 1880 c? Stotesbury, E. T. SULGRAVE Jenkintown
Kennedy, R. G. 1887 by Berwind, Chas. F. MINDEN Wynnewood
Linfoot, Benjamin 1886 Crawford, George L. HOMEACRE Merion
Mason, Geo & Son 1888 Borie, Beauveau CHELTEN Rydal
McArthur, J. 1880 Childs, George W. WOOTTON Bryn Mawr
Pearson, Geo. T. 1880 c? Kimball, Fred. J. RED GATE Germantown
Pearson, Geo. T. 1884 Potter, Wm. [..] Chestnut Hill
Pearson, Geo. T. 1885 c? Stetson, John B. IDRO Ashbourne
Pearson, Geo. T. 1886 Scott, W. H. [..] Germantown
Pearson, Geo. T. 1888 Foulke, Wm. G. [..] Germantown
Price, Benj. D. 1868 c? Baily, Joel J. SUNNYSIDE Lansdowne
Price, Benj. D. 1889 ? Godey, Frank [..] Overbrook
Rogers, T. M. 1890 Harrison, Joseph G. OLD ORCHARD Merion
Sargent, E. A. 1884 Wanamaker, John LIND[en]HURST Jenkintown
Sloan, S. 1870 c? Rhoads, James D. [..] Secane
Slocum, S. G. 1888 Heyl, Geo. A. REDSTONE Rosemont
Smith & Pritchett (alts) 1852 c. Morrell, Edward De Veaux SAN JOSE Torresdale
Wade, A. 1887-89 Elkins, Wm. L. THE NEEDLES Ashbourne
Welsh, P. A. 1875 c? Simpson, William Sr. ASHDALE Overbrook
Williamson, T. R. 1884 Crowell, Geo. G. HAWTHORN Germantown
Williamson, T. R. 1885 c? Johnson, Barclay. PENN CASA Devon
Williamson, T. R. 1887 Campbell, James A. THE MAPLES Merion
Williamson, T. R. 1888 Allen, Frank Olcott ENFIELD Roslyn Heights
Wilson Bros. & Co. 1880 c? McClure, A. K., Col. NORLAND Wallingford
Wilson Bros. & Co. 1880 c? Smith, Edmund STONELEIGH Villanova
Wilson Bros. & Co. 1882-90 Converse, J. H. CHETWYND Radnor
Wilson Bros. 1883 c? Williams, E. H., Dr. WENTWORTH Rosemont
Wilson Bros. 1887 Gest, John B. [..] Overbrook, Phila.
Windrim, J. H. 1883 c? Baird, Thos. E [..] Haverford Sta.
Windrim, J. H. 1885 c? Maury, J. Robb CLOVER HILL Germantown
Windrim, J. H. 1885 c? Belfield, T. B. [..] Narberth
Yarnall, J. K. 1880 c? Bunting, Jos. S. THE HEIGHTS ?
Yarnall, J. K. 1880 c? Harris, Washington GRASSMORE Berwyn
not identified 1730-90 Newbold, John S., Mrs. VERNON Jenkintown
not identified 1810 c? Lucas, John C. CLOVER HILL Wynnewood
not identified 1818 Biddle, Walter L. C. BIDDULPH Radnor
not identified 1820 c? Thorpe, C. N. [..] Berwyn
not identified 1840 c? Pugh, C. E. [..] Overbrook
not identified 1840 c? Gillett, Alfred S THE HERMITAGE Wallingford
not identified 1846 c? Drexel, A. J. RUNNYMEDE Lansdowne
not identified 1848 Walsh, Phil. J. GLADSTONE Lansdowne
not identified 1850 c. McKean, H. P. FERN HILL Germantown
not identified 1850 c? Biddle, Alex. LANORAIE Chestnut Hill
not identified 1850 c? Wright, Jas. A. HAZELBROOK Germantown
not identified 1852 c. Dolan, Thomas LA CAROLINA Torresdale
not identified 1853 c. Dolan, Thomas BEECHWOOD Torresdale
not identified 1855 Massey, Henry V. RIDGTON Torresdale
not identified 1855 c? Potter, Thos., Mrs. THE EVERGREEN[s] Chestnut Hill
not identified 1859 c. Ryerss, R. W. [Burholme] Ryerss.Sta.
not identified 1859 c? Clark, E. W. [..] Germantown
not identified 1860 c. Perkins, N. E. [..] Maple Shade, NJ
not identified 1860 c. Baeder, Chas., Mrs. FULLWOOD Noble Sta.
not identified 1860 c? Whitney, John R. GLENWOOD FARM Bryn Mawr
not identified 1860 c? Justice, W. W. [..] Germantown
not identified 1860 c? Gill, W. B. [Graydon Hall] Cheltenham
not identified 1865 c? Wilbur, H. O. BRYN WOOD Bryn Mawr
not identified 1865 c? Lee, Thomas STONEHENGE Sharon Hill
not identified 1865 c? Folwell, W. H. TWIN OAKS Sharon Hill
not identified 1865 c? Wilson, J. H., Mrs. [..] Torresdale
not identified 1865 c? Mason, Rich'd S. CERN Germantown
not identified 1865 c? Read, Wm. F. [..] Lansdowne
not identified 1868 c. Young, Rich'd OAK GLEN Morton
not identified 1870 c. Cooke, Jay Jr. CHESTNUT WOOD Ashbourne
not identified 1870 c? Price, Thomas C. OAK SHADE Chestnut Hill
not identified 1870 c? Patterson, C. Stuart GRACE HILL Chestnut Hill
not identified 1870 c? Brewster, F. Carroll [..] Germantown
not identified 1870 c? Passmore, E. G. [..] Haverford Sta.
not identified 1870 c? Starr, Edward. THE ORCHARD Jenkintown
not identified 1870 c? Price, S. Harlan. [..] Ogontz
not identified 1870 c? Townsend, John B. Sr. GREYSTONE Overbrook
not identified 1870 c? Fitler, E. H. LUZON Torresdale
not identified 1870 c? Kempton, W. B. [..] Merchantville, NJ
not identified 1873 c. Noblit, Dell. HILLTON Chelten Hills
not identified 1875 c? Hutton, Geo. S. [..] Berwyn
not identified 1875 c? Marsh, Gid. W. [..] Ridley Park
not identified 1878 c? Sylvester, Fred'k. BYTHEWOOD Haverford Sta.
not identified 1880 c? Richards, E. M. ELMHURST Narberth
not identified 1880 c? Griscom, John D., Dr. OAKHURST Haverford Sta.
not identified 1883 c. Roelofs, H. H. RHYLLON Ashbourne
not identified 1885 c? Stambach, S. P. MARK LODGE Haverford Sta.
not identified 1885 c? Flagg, J. Foster, Dr QUARRYEDGE Swarthmore
not identified 1885 c? Butler, J. M. TERRACE HOME Ogontz
not identified 1890 c? Stotesbury, E. T. [..] Germantown

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