Wild's Views:

[Note: All images of Wild's Views were obtained from Bryn Mawr College, Special Collections.]

*1. Panorama Of Philadelphia From The State House Steeple: S

*2. Panorama Of Philadelphia From The State House Steeple: N

*3. Panorama Of Philadelphia From The State House Steeple: W

*4. Panorama Of Philadelphia From The State House Steeple: E

2. United States Bank
"The design is constructed after the Parthenon, at Athens, the colonnades on the sides, and certain other merely decorative parts of the original being dispensed within the copy."

3. Merchant's Exchange
"It is erected from the purest Roman marble, from a design by Mr. Strickland, the well-known architect of the city. The weaver need not be told the, 'The Exchange,' is the place where, 'the merchants most do congregate.'"

11. State House
"No stranger ever comes to Philadelphia, without paying visit to this structure, and no public edifice exists amongst us, which is cherished so warmly in the feelings of the citizens."

13. Pennsylvania Hospital
"This is one of the best endowed institutes in America. The good founder of Philadelphia, William Penn, gave a large lot to it, which rose, in a succession of years, so richly in value, as to render the institution, with its other vast resources, very bountifully provided for."

14. Market Street, From Front Street
"This view represents one of the first streets of the city, from Front Street. Market Street is exactly ion the centre of the City. The immortal Quaker, in laying out the City in his original plan of all the streets running at right angles, intended Market Street doubtless to form the great centre of business."

15. University Of Pennsylvania
"The origin of the University was from a Charity School, and an Academy, which were chartered and endowed in 1753."

16. United States Mint
"This splendid marble structure. . . is fashioned in the Ionic order of Architecture, from the Grecian Temple on the Illyssus, near Athens, by our distinguished architect, Mr. Strickland.

17. Christ Church
"It was originally, it would appear, only one story high, and, according to the best evidence that can be obtained, it was even so low in the ceiling as to be touched by persons with uplifted hands. The bell which was used to summon the people to church, was hung in the crotch of a large tree in front."

19. St. John's Church
"It is one of the finest specimens of Gothic Architecture in the city. It is built of imitation marble."

Childs' Views:

[Note: All images of Child's views were obtained from the Free Library of Philadelphia (FLP), except where mentioned.]

C. Christ Church
[Image obtained from Bryn Mawr College, Special Collections.]
"Owing to the destruction by firs of the early records of this building, the precise date of its erection cannot be ascertained. Enough, however, is known to prove, that a building stood upon the site of the present church, prior to the year 1696; and that the only assistance attained from England in aid of its erection was a stipend of fifty quineas, given by King William."

E. Saint Stephen's Church
"Among the religious edifices of Philadelphia, Saint Stephen's Church is one of the most distinguished. It was intended by the architect (Mr. Strickland) to present a specimen of the Gothic architecture of the middle ages, and he has happily executed the design."

F. First Congregational Unitarian Church
"The idea produced in the mood of a spectator on viewing this edifice, is its peculiar fitness to the purpose for which is was intended- a temple dedicated to the worship of the almighty."
"The design of the building was furnished by W. Strickland and is exceedingly simple: the whole style of the work does honour to the spirit of those who worship within its walls and have so liberally contributed to its completion."

G. State House
"This venerable edifice has become one of the most interesting in the history of the world. Beneath its roof was assembled the august body which pronounced the freedom and sovereignty of the United States."
"The building, two stories in height, is constructed of brick: the façade, being of the Roman character with rustic corners, and an enriched Corinthian cornice with marble between the stories."

L. Bank Of The United States
"The whole is built with marble from the quarries of Montgomery County, near the city- the interior is vaulted throughout and arched, so as to be entirely fire proof, and the roof is capped."

M. Bank Of Pennsylvania
"This chaste and classical building was designed by the late B.H. Latrobe, Esq."

N .Girard Bank (Late United States Bank)
"The building occupied by Mr. Girard for his Bank ranks among the choice architectural embellishments of Philadelphia."

O. Pennsylvania Hospital
"as early as 1707 . . . The subject of establishing a Hospital claimed the attention of some of [Penn's] benevolent followers. It was not, however, until 1751, that several distinguished individuals associated, and laid the foundation of the Pennsylvania Hospital, the first institution of the kind in the Western Hemisphere."

P. Pennsylvania Institute For The Deaf And Dumb
"The Asylum was built with reverence to the convenience and safety of its inmates."

Q. University
"The whole structure, though wanting in classical taste, and established rules of architecture, is imposing from its magnitude."

R .Pennsylvania Academy Of The Fine Arts
"from a small beginning, the Academy has become fully adequate to the greater purposes of its institution."

U. United States Mint
"The building is of white marble, from designs furnished by Mr. Strickland. The order is Ionic, taken from that celebrated Grecian temple on the Illyssus, near Athens."

Z. Academy Of Natural Sciences
"It is a quadrangular edifice, surmounted by a dome."

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