Wild's Views:

[Note: All images of Wild's Views were obtained from Bryn Mawr College, Special Collections.]

4. View From The Inclined Plane, Near Philadelphia
"The Inclined Plane is situated upon the Great Western Rail Road, leading from Philadelphia to Columbia. Following the road from the intersection of Vine and Broad Streets, in Philadelphia, for nearly three miles, you come to the foot of the Inclined Plane, on the opposite side of the River Schuylkill."

18. Manayunk, Near Philadelphia
"This is a beautiful village, about seven miles up the Schuylkill, from the city. One of the most delightful drives, with which the country abounds, is along the banks of the beautiful Schuylkill to Manayunk."

20. Laurel Hill Cemetery
"This 'home for the dead' is situated on the Ridge Road, about three miles from the city, and upon the banks of the River Schuylkill."

Childs' Views:

[Note: All images of Child's views were obtained from the Free Library of Philadelphia (FLP), except where mentioned.]

D. Friends Meeting House Merion
"Among the companions of the founder of Pennsylvania, when he arrived on the shores of the Delaware, in the year 1682, were a large number of Welsh people of great respectability and substance. These excellent persons, before they left their native country, had purchased of the proprietary several thousand acres of land on the western side of the Schuylkill, about six miles from the spot fixed upon for the city of Philadelphia; and this tract was called Merioneth, in honour of their birth-place."

W. Schuylkill Canal At Manayunk
"The thriving little village of which our engraving represents one of the most interesting parts, is situated on the banks of the river and of the canal, at the distance of about six miles from Philadelphia. It derives its name from the aboriginal title of the Schuylkill, and owes its origin to the improvements which have been made upon that stream."

X. Eaglesfield
"Among the various country seats along the banks of the Schuylkill for some miles above Philadelphia, no one surpasses in beauty of situation, that of which we have present in view."

Y. Sedgeley Park
"Sedgeley Park is situated on the eastern bank of the Schuylkill, at the distance of three miles from the city of Philadelphia, and upon an elevation of eight feet above the tide waters of the river."

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