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Bryn Mawr Factbook

Click on the links at left to view the factbook for each academic year, 2007-2008 and later. Each factbook contains 5-year trend data for all sections.

Note to campus users completing surveys for external agencies:

To ensure the accuracy and consistency of information about the college, please contact the Office of Institutional Research (contact information at left) before populating surveys conducted by any external agencies with data from this factbook.

Factbook archive

If you require data for years earlier than 2003-2004, or want to view a version of the factbook produced prior to 2007-2008, you may do so by clicking on the "Archive" link at left if you are an on-campus user. If you are an off-campus user, please contact the Office of Institutional Research (click on the link at left for contact information) for access to these files or to request any specfic data elements.