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Selective women's colleges and selective coed liberal arts colleges are those included in the Top 30 US News and World Report ranking of Best Liberal Arts Colleges for 2013. Selective universities are those included in the Top 30 US News and World Report ranking of Best National Universities for 2013. "All female bachelor's recipients" will include the institutional subcategories in this list.

Harvey Mudd and the California and Massachusetts Institutes of Technology were removed from category comparisons because they are specialized institutions that focus explicitly on the production of science and engineering graduates.

The totals by field of study for science graduates include CIP 2010 codes as follows:

Astronomy: 40.0201 through 40.0299
Biology: 26.0101 through 26.9999
Chemistry: 40.0501 through 40.0599
Computer Science: 11.0101 through 11.9999
Engineering: 14.0101 through 14.9999
Geology: 40.0601 through 40.0699
Mathematics: 27.0101 through 27.9999
Physics: 40.0801 through 40.0899

The totals for all science and engineering included the above other fields of study within the "Physical Sciences" category (40.0101 through 40.9999) beyond astronomy, chemistry, geology, and physics.

Data sources:
National Center for Education Statistics Peer Analysis System

Report prepared:
April 6, 2014
Office of Institutional Research
Bryn Mawr College