[ what's happening ]

Second round participants:
Bryn Mawr: Economics, French, Psychology
Haverford: Computer Science, Spanish, Economics, Chinese
Swarthmore: Philosophy, Physics and Astronomy, Political Science

Upcoming deadlines:
  • 2013-14:  Departments collect and analyze assessment data
  • Next on-campus meetings will be scheduled for Spring 2014
  • Next tri-College retreat will be at Haverford College April 23, 2014

[ project purpose ]

The Teagle project is a grant-funded effort begun in Fall 2009, working with three departments on each of the Tri-College campuses to:
  • To support intensive efforts of selected departments to assess a key institutional learning goal(s) as it relates to their academic department, and to leverage these successful assessment models within, across, and beyond our campuses.
  • To create opportunities for close participation of non-faculty stakeholders in meaningful, useful department-level assessment efforts, and in so doing, learn to better evaluate and overcome the challenges to sustaining such work on a larger scale.

[ about the Teagle Foundation ]

The Teagle Foundation aims to strengthen liberal education by providing the intellectual and financial resources necessary to ensure that today's students have access to challenging, wide-ranging, and enriching college educations, and that they succeed at the highest possible level. 

[ contacts ]

@ Bryn Mawr: Richard Barry (rbarry@brynmawr.edu)
@ Haverford: Cathy Fennell (cfennell@haverford.edu)
@ Swarthmore: Robin Huntington Shores (rshores1@swarthmore.edu)