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Philip Kilbride: "Comparative Analysis of Famines in 19th Century Ireland and 20th Century Sub-Sahara Africa"

Summary of Proposed Project:

To visit urban and remote western rural areas of Ireland to better establish an anthropological sense of the places associated with famines. Specifically, I need to visit famine museums with my colleague Noel Farley, and also to meet scholars through him, both of which experiences will enhance my understanding of "cultural memory" (or lack thereof by the Irish) of the Potato Famine (1840-45) as, for example, embodied in museums, place names, and current local verbal conversation. I am especially interested in spending time in western Ireland to assess the extent of indigenous cultural survival there and famine memory.

I propose to continue from Ireland on to Kenya for six weeks concentrating on Kenyan famine memories among the Kamba-Kikuyu.


Philip Kilbride
Professor of Anthropology


Center for International Studies
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