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Christine Koggel: "Social Ethics for a Global World"

Christine Koggel
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Summary of Proposed Project:
A rapidly growing and vitally important area of inquiry is the research being done by philosophers exploring the moral and political implications of globalization as it affects these discussions and many other areas of inquiry. The almost limitless access to information through television and the Internet, for example, makes it possible for anyone to "cross borders" instantaneously and to learn about people, policies, issues, and values in other places. It also allows the kind of scrutiny that makes it easy to praise or condemn people, policies, practices and beliefs both across and within borders. Globalization has universalized the language of human rights, with its roots in liberal theory, and given an increasingly important role to international bodies that monitor human rights violations. It has made issues of the environment, development, famine, and population control pressing by increasing our awareness of the devastating ways in which policies and practices in one area may affect not only the livelihood of people in other areas, but the world as a whole. Cutting across these issues is the conspicuousness of the large disparities in the world distribution of wealth and the questions raised by the effects of the actions of the rich and powerful on the lives of the poor and powerless both within and across the borders of various countries.


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