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Carola Hein & Gary McDonogh: "Translating Cities: Issues in European and Transnational Urbanism"

Carola Hein,
Assistant Professor, Growth and Structure of Cities

Summary of Proposed Project:
We propose to look at much more specific projects concerning the production of images and their reading, both within a European context and in a wider reading incorporating Asia and the America. The first area of study is variation and discourse within European urbanism. It is especially important to look beyond canonical cities and the models generated around them, although we must keep in mind the examples of London (Docklands) and Paris (Grand Projets) in a general discourse of urbanism. Instead, we look at how specific cities–Berlin, Barcelona, Brussels–are read within Europe with regard to more general issues of architectural excellence, functional design (especially the issues of the capital city, environmental development after the Aalborg Agreement and Agenda 21) and quality of life issues.

A second aspect of this work is to look at how this dialogue over the European city is read abroad… thus supplementing our ongoing work with a new, systematic inquiry into the impact of these European cities on American readers (including professional planners and architects as well as a wider mass audience).

Gary McDonogh, Professor and Director of Growth and Structure of Cities


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