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Marc Ross: "The Intersection of Culture and Politics in Quebec and France"

Marc Ross, Professor of Political Science

Summary of Proposed Project:
The two cultural conflicts I am seeking support to study here are Islamic cultural expression in France and language conflict in Quebec. A decade ago I wrote about the conflict in France which arose when three young teenage girls wore headscarves to school in a Paris suburb. While a settlement was reached in the dispute, the underlying issues concerning immigration, assimilation, and multiculturalism were barely addressed. My plan is to update the earlier work as part of the broader comparative project I am now doing. My work on Quebec is more preliminary. I traveled to the province three years ago and collected background on the conflict over language issues involving street signs, schooling, and business practices. Support from the Center will allow me to conduct interviews with political figures, academics and organizations seeking to bridge differences between Francophones, Anglophones, and others (immigrants, native peoples) on the issue of language in particular and cultural expression more generally in Quebec.


Center for International Studies
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