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The Center for International Studies will not be making grants in 2009-10.

Faculty Grants

Research projects funded in 2008

  • Pim Higginson , French
    "The Unspoken Francophone - Literature in Tahiti & New Caledonia"
  • H. Rosi Song , Spanish
    "La Movida "
  • Jennifer Spohrer , History
    "British Broadcasting & Radio Luxembourg "
  • Kalala Ngalamulume, History & Africana Studies
    "Impact of Ebola Epidemics in DR Congo"
  • Jamie Taylor , English
    "Gower & the Matter of Spain "
  • Sharon Ullman , History
    "Brainwashing "The Anxious Mind of Cold War America" Wheaton IL and College Park MD "


Research projects funded in 2007

  • Inés Arribas, Spanish
    ""Gitanos in Cyberspace"
  • Michael Krausz, Philosophy
    "Relativism: A Compendium"
  • Imke Meyer, German
    "Arthur Schnitzler's Writings in a European Context"
  • Kalala Ngalamulume, Africana Studies
    "Leisure and Empire: The French Colonial Rule and the Struggle for Cultural Hegemony in Senegal, 1850-1920"


Research projects funded in 2006

  • Phil Kilbride, Anthropology
    "Life After the Streets: Life Stories and Policy Implications of Street Children in Comparative Perspective"
    Research including location and follow-up interviews with some of the street children from earlier fieldwork who have left the streets.
  • Kate Thomas, English
    "Correspondences: Victorian Mail between London and Venice"
    A study of Victorian literature and culture that examines the figures of the post-letter, Post Office or postal worker and asks why they are often found hand-in-hand with narratives of social deviation.

Research projects funded in 2005

  • Gary McDonogh, Growth and Structure of Cities
    "Barrios Chinos: Latin American Chinatowns in Comparative Perspective"

Research projects funded in 2004

  • Juan Manuel Arbona, Growth and Structure of Cities
    "Social Mobilizations in the Age of Labor Informalization in Bolivia: Class and Indigenous Identity Borders"

  • Carola Hein, Growth and Structure of Cities
    "The Emergence of a Polycentric Capital at the EU Periphery"

  • Imke Meyer, German
    Research project on German and Austrian notions of Heimat

  • Kalala Ngalamulume, Africana Studies and History
    "Leisure and Empire: The French Colonial Rule and the Struggle for Cultural Hegemony in Senegal, 1850-1920"

  • Kalala Ngalamulume, Africana Studies and History, and Paula Viterbo, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in the History of Science
    Grant for "Medicine in Africa Workshop" held at Bryn Mawr College, April 14-15, 2005

Research projects funded in 2003

  • Carola Hein, Growth and Structure of Cities
    "Cities, Autonomy and Decentralization"

  • Ayumi Takenaka, Sociology
    "Secondary Migration: the Role and Limits of Ethnic Networks"

Research projects funded in 2002

  • Nicholas Patruno, Italian
    Project comparing Italian immigrants to US at turn of the century and emigrants entering Italy in past 20 years

  • Janet Ceglowski, Economics
    Project on Canada-U.S. border and trade

  • George Pahomov, Russian
    Project exploring issues of exile, migration, the metropolis and totalitarian cinema of Moscow and Vienna

  • Philip Kilbride, Anthropology
    "Global Immigration of Irish and Kenyans: A Comparative Study"

Research projects funded in 2001

Student Grants

Student summer research projects funded in 2008

  • Tina Hu (Growth & Structure of Cities - Urban Planning)
    History and contemporary development of China's oil cities

  • Aditi Joshi (Political Science)
    Laboratory of democracy and development in Maharashtra & Gujarat, India


Student summer research projects funded in 2007

  • Swathi Malepati (Spanish)
    Research project studying the effects of the growing global division of productive labor from the perspective of migrant workers in Mexico.

  • Margaret Sclafani (Anthropology)
    Project concentrating on the European experience in Africa from a film perspective and those involved with film and the theatrical arts in Kenya.


Student summer research projects funded in 2006

  • Aneesah Akbar-Uqdah (Anthropology)
    Presentation of group research paper Drinking Water in Egypt: The Effects of Water on Egyptians' Health at the 2006 Undergraduate Research Conference at the American University of Cairo (AUC).

  • Jennifer Officewala (Anthropology and Biology)
    Summer Research Project in Kenya, investigating the way pharmacies are organized and operated, with a focus on the significant ethnic community of Indian chemists.
  • Nina Roach (East Asian Studies)
    Summer Research Project consisting of the Hinterland and Heartland Faculty-Student Academic Tour funded by the Haverford Center for Peace and Global Citizenship, in which Chinese cities are compared with respect to varying modernities, foreign influences, and histories.

Student summer research projects funded in 2005

  • Anna M. Berg (Anthropology and Philosophy)
    Summer Research Project focusing on marginality and poverty, with special consideration of health care systems, in Chetumal, Mexico. Access to social services, such as health care, and how differing definitions of the "neighborhood" affected this access were major components in the research.

  • Laura Grannis (Anthropology)
    Summer Research Project conducting ethnographic research on gender liminality in the Marquesas islands in French Polynesia.

  • Andiah Kisia (Political Science)
    Summer Research Project consisting of Oral History Project on the formation of the Historical Narrative of Kenya.

  • Daniela Martinez (Political Science)
    Summer Research Project conducting field research related to the Guatemalan civil conflict, and studying the various levels of social, economic, and political distress plaguing the people of Guatemala.

  • Raphael Monty (Political Science)
    Summer Research Project studying the politics of indentity in Cape Town, South Africa, in order to determine whether race relations have improved in the country.

Student summer research projects funded in 2004

  • Nupur Chaudhury (Growth and Structure of Cities)
    Summer Research Project in India focusing on the colonial importance and current post-colonial decline of the city of Kolkata.
  • Briana Feston (Classical & Near Eastern Archaeology and French)
    Summer Research Project on Cypriot history involving the Atheniou Archaeological Project on Cyprus.

  • Misa Fujimara-Fanselow (Growth and Structure of Cities)
    Summer Research Project studying homelessness in Tokyo and the effect that homeless people have on Japanese culture and people's values.

  • La Toiya La Vita (Political Science)
    Summer Research Project: International Human Rights Exchange in South Africa.

  • Eileen Marceau (Growth and Structure of Cities)
    Summer Research Project working with Clean Energy Nepal (CEN) to determine the current status of private and public solid waste management.

  • Elaine Massung (Classical & Near Eastern Archaeology)
    Summer Research Project on the use of multimedia displays in Orkney, Scotland, to promote the cultural heritage of the Orcadians.

  • Courtney Moore (Philosophy)
    Summer/fall Research Project examining Maori philosophy in New Zealand as it relates to or contrasts with traditional American culture.

  • Ashwini Sebastian (Economics)
    Summer Research Project studying two identical assets in Sri Lanka and the US, to enable a comparative study between assets in a developing country and a developed country.

Student summer research projects funded in 2003
  • Thuy Thu Le
    Summer Research Project in Vietnam: "Hunger Elimination & Poverty Reduction in Vietnam: Socialism and Beyond".
  • Prerna Srivastava
    Summer Program in India focusing on the perception of sex workers.

  • Erin La Farge
    Summer Research Project Durban, South Africa, focusing on human rights.
  • Jessica Hayes-Conroy
    Summer Research Project: Researching Traditional Agriculture in Tepotzlan, Mexico.
  • Danielle Kurin
    Summer Research Project: The Use of Ancient Indigenous Iconography in Bolivian Contemporary Culture.
  • Sujatha Sebastian
    Summer Research Project: The Ethnic Conflict in Guatemala.