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Ninth International Conference of the
International Development Ethics Association

Bryn Mawr College
Bryn Mawr,
Pennsylvania, U.S.
June 9-11, 2011
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Contact Information:
Christine Koggel




Optional Field Trip to Philadelphia organized for Sunday, June 12.

Cost $30 per person (includes transportation and lunch).

Panel Presentation and Tour - Global Philadelphia:  Immigrant Communities, Old and New

Organized by:  Mary Johnson Osirim,  Bryn Mawr College

Based on our contributions to the volume, Global Philadelphia: Immigrant Communities, Old and New, panelists in a session organized for Sunday morning, June 12th, will examine the role of particular immigrant populations in reshaping Philadelphia’s social and economic landscape.  We explore how Philadelphia has affected immigrants’ lives and how these immigrants, in turn, have shaped Philadelphia.  In examining both traditional immigrant populations, such as the Italians, and newer arrivals, such as the Cambodians, Mexicans and Africans of various nationalities, we focus on some of the critical features that all immigrant populations experience – inter-group interactions and intra-group diversity, the roles of institutions in community development and transnationalism and identity formation.   

Following the panel, we will embark on a tour of some of the neighborhoods that are home to the immigrant communities we studied.  In Chestnut Hill, now a National Historic Landmark, we will explore the architecture, artistry and cultural history of the Hill’s northern and southern Italian heritage.  We will visit South Philadelphia, home of the largest Mexican population in the area and the highest-concentration of Cambodians and Cambodian-owned businesses in the city.   The New African Diaspora will come to life with our exploration of enterprise development along the Baltimore Avenue corridor and lunch in an African-owned restaurant in West Philadelphia.  Where possible, the “gendered” nature of immigrant experiences will be investigated in both the panel and on the tour.