2009 Information Services Self Study

Information Services (IS) was created in the 2001-2002 academic year in response to the ways in which faculty, students and staff were accessing and using information for teaching, research, study and the administration of key college services. The change in the way we interact because of linked information technologies led to the development of this administrative unit that brought together activities that once seemed more distinct from one another. The goal of IS was and remains to build on the growing synergies between the work of libraries and computing centers, archives and language learning centers, special collections repositories and multi-media productions, and administrative and student records requirements.

You will find on this site a self study and Visiting Committee reports that provide a record and assessment of some of the accomplishments of the first eight years IS has been in existence and some thoughts about future directions -- specifically concerning further and deeper collaboration with partner institutions -- that we hope the Bryn Mawr community will take some time to reflect upon. The self study was prepared by a number of the members of the IS staff and includes documents that support the findings in the self study: multiple surveys of the constituent groups that make up the Bryn Mawr community, and internal, external and annual reports on the work of IS. The Visiting Committee for whom the self study and this website were prepared consisted of three members: Ira Fuchs of the Mellon Foundation, Peter Schilling of Amherst College and Eugene Wiemers of Bates College. They spent three days at both Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges in January 2009, and the two reports they presented to Bryn Mawr are posted after the self study.

I welcome any thoughts you have about these reports, the work of IS and especially ideas about how we can move forward in challenging economic times.

Elliott Shore, CIO and Director of Libraries


Self Study January 2009 [pdf]





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