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Italian-American Associations
  • America Italy Society,
  • Coccia Foundation

    The Coccia Foundation, which was started in 1994 as the Joseph and Elda Charitable Foundation, has provided a wide range of philanthropic aid to
    an ever-expanding list of worthy recipients. A short list of those they have supported include:

    • In education: State colleges in New Jersey, New York, California. South Carolina and Community colleges in New Jersey, New York and
    • The establishment of Student Italian Clubs in many Colleges and Universities and Networking of same.
    • Initiated an Italian Books Study Collection – Distribution to local libraries
    • Scholarships, Grants, in support of Italian Study Abroad Programs as well as awards for annual achievements.
    • Italian Studies Chairs in New Jersey, New York and California.
    • Cultural programs through a number of schools, educational foundations, Italian and non-Italian organizations.
    • Awards Criteria
    • Awards Application

  • NIAF (National Italian American Foundation)

  • Order Sons of Italy in America (Scholarship opportunities)

Internships and Other Opportunities:

Undergraduate Competition for “Settimana della Lingua Italiana nel Mondo” under the high patronage of the President of the Italian Republic

“Settimana della Lingua Italiana nel Mondo”, an initiative promoted
by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which will take place from October 20th to 25th, will be:

    • “Scrivere la nuova Europa: editoria italiana, autori e lettori nell’era digitale” (“Writing the new Europe: Italian publishing, authors and readers in the digital era”.)

This year’s Italian Language Week overlaps with the Italian Presidency
of the European Union, ongoing until December 2014. The intention is to highlight the role of the book and its many connotations (from paper to digital) in the formation of Europe and as a tool of culture and civilization for societies.

Some ideas, among many others, could be:

a) Translation laboratories, or seminars with translators of English
into Italian and the participation of one or more Italian authors
whose work has already been translated.

b) Comparative experiences on the use of social networks as a new
way to connect authors, publishers, books, booksellers, libraries and

c) Discussion of the library in the digital editorial age. How
are libraries responding to the challenges presented by the digital era?

d) From “self-publishing” to apps for smartphones, from digital
lending to “streaming” reading subscriptions: how has the
publisher’s role changed in the digital age? Comparative experiences
between Europe and the USA.

e) A comparison between publishers and writers.

One such initiative involves a seminar in celebration of the Italian Language Week on October 22 (4:30-7:30pm) at the University of Pennsylvania (Cherpack Seminar Room, 543 Williams Hall – 255 S. 36 th St., Philadelphia) for undergraduate students in Italian from various universities who will participate in the discussion presenting their own work on the theme, after presentations by graduate students and professors.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Cultural Office
Consulate General of Italy in Philadelphia

Click below for further information.

  • Study, Intercultural Training, and Experience--Internship for English Teaching Assistant in the Schools of Lombardy (ITALY), in collaboration with the Department for the Instruction and Professional Training of the Lombardy Region and the Regional Education Office of Lombardy.

    The Program offers the possibility of a teaching internship to recent graduates (within the past 18 months) in Italian language and culture from Bryn Mawr College, who are native speakers of English.   The Program will place Interns as English Language Assistants in Lombardy schools.

    Interns will:
    Work for 25 hours per week, thus distributed: 12 hours per week in the classroom as English Language Assistants, always in the presence of the Italian teacher of the subject matter, and 13 hours per week as preparation time.
        • Receive a monthly stipend of net 600 Euros for work performed;
        • Attend a training session for the English Language Assistants at the beginning of the school year;
        • Have the opportunity to take courses at the local University;
        • Receive a certificate of completion stating the details of the program upon completion of the Program.
        • Have the opportunity to take the CELI certification exam, and, if successful, receive a CELI certificate upon completion.

    Every year, the Italian Dept. at BMC will select two students for the internship, according to their academic merit and language/ teaching  skills. Please contact the Department if you are interested to apply for the internship.

For further information, please click here and apply online.

  • Post graduate Master in Italian Studies in Italy. Scholarships available.
    28 Hubert St., New York, NY 10013

    Interns at Civitella are invited for a minimum of six weeks during this period of May through November. Arrival and departure dates should coincide as much as possible with the arrivals and departures of our Fellows; however, often we ask an intern to arrive a week or two earlier and to work an extra week or two at the end of the season to help us close. Priority is given to candidates with longer periods of availability to avoid too much turnover while in session. Ideally, we seek two to three interns to cover the entire season as outlined below.
    Role and Responsibilities :

    - preparing rooms and equipment for Fellows’ arrival
    - picking up and dropping off Fellows and Guests at train stations, bus stations and airports
    - giving orientation information
    - assisting Fellows (visual artists, writers and composers) in their work
    - running errands
    - greeting guests and giving tours of the Castle to visitors
    - general office work and assistance
    - preparing for events, including technical assistance and cleaning  up
    - communicating with the kitchen for meal planning
    - helping to clear tables and set up for receptions
    - re-shelving and cataloging books, videos and DVDs in the Library
    - cataloging and organizing the art collection for the Civitella Gallery
    - planning, researching and presenting historical and cultural information for field trips
    - general assistance to the Executive Director, Fellows’ Coordinator, and Office Manager
    Skills and Requirements:

    Working knowledge of English and Italian is necessary, as is a valid driver’s license and international driver’s license. Interns must be able to drive a large standard stick shift vehicle. We prefer interns who have advanced computer skills, some experience in the arts, in study or work abroad, and who are self-motivated, independent, work well in a group/team environment, have the flexibility to deal with the unpredictable set of tasks which vary from day to day, and are able to deal with an intensely motivated community in an idyllic but somewhat isolated place of work. An ideal intern should maintain a positive, willing and helpful attitude among co-workers and Fellows, and should be open and diplomatic in his/her interactions with people from diverse backgrounds and ages.

    We offer selected candidates roundtrip airfare/transportation (from place of residence to Civitella), lodging and meals for the period of internship, and a stipend for incidental expenses of $150 per week. Means of payment is coordinated through the New York office.
    To Apply:

    Send a complete CV including the names of two references, their relationship to you and their telephone numbers. We request a cover letter explaining why the internship would be meaningful work experience for you. How might you best contribute to the Civitella community? What past experiences have helped prepare you for working at Civitella? Do you meet all the above requirements? All applications are due by December 31, 2012 and should be e-mailed to the Fellows’ Coordinator at .

    We review the applications in January and begin telephone/Skype™ interviews in early February.  A committee will choose the finalists by the end of February, and notification is sent to all candidates in early March.

    For more information see our website at .
Scholarship Opportunities:
  • NOIAW --The National Organization of Italian American Women
    25 W 43 St. - Suite 1005
    New York, NY 10036
    (212) 642-2003 (Tel.)
    (212) 642-2006 (Fax)

    It is an important mission of the National Organization of Italian American Women to help with the educational advancement of Italian American Women. Since its inception in 1980, NOIAW has proudly awarded more than 140 scholarships to deserving Italian American students.

    Please click here for the application and for additional information on their Scholarship program.

    For information about the SASL Summer programs:
  • EDUITALIA Scholarships- Eduitalia, an Association of qualified Schools and Universities that offers courses for foreign students in Italy, through the Associated Institutes mentioned below, is pleased to support the important initiative of the Embassy of Italy in Washington for the promotion of Italian language in the United States, particularly at the AP level. The 28 scholarships granted by Eduitalia will enable the recipients to enjoy Italy through an unforgettable learning experience. Detailed information about the numerous study options offered in Italy is available on Eduitalia’s web site ( You can download the online version of the guide “Eduitalia-Study in Italy”, or explore the course of studies which interest you through the search engine which, thanks to its subdivision by cities and/or courses of studies, enables you to identify the course you need.

    ALL THE STUDENTS who will take an AP- Italian exam are eligible. Winners of the following scholarships will be randomly selected by a raffle organized by the Educational Office of the Embassy of Italy in Washington:
    1) n.14 all-expenses-paid scholarships (that means free course, lodging, teaching equipment and extracurricular activities), divided as follows:
    a) –n. 1 scholarship for 5 weeks
    b) –n. 6 scholarships for 4 weeks
    c) – n. 7 scholarships for 3 weeks
    2) –n. 14 scholarships with partial coverage of expenses for variable periods (of up to 4 weeks).

    THE SCHOLARSHIPS are granted by:
    - A Door to Italy- Scuola di Italiano di Genova
    - Babilonia - Centro Studi Italiani di Taormina
    - Cultura Italiana di Arezzo
    - Cultura Italiana di Bologna
    - Ellci di Milano
    - ll Sasso - Scuola di Italiano di Montepulciano
    - Istituto Linguistico Mediterraneo di Pisa
    - Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici- Firenze
    - Sant' Anna Institute - Sorrento Lingue
    - Scuola di Italiano Dante Alighieri - Camerino
    - The American University of Rome

Other Opportunities to live in Italy:


The official CLIQ (CILS) Diploma, issued by the University for Foreigners in Siena, certifies your knowledge of Italian, is valid throughout the world, and does not expire (as other certificates like TOEFL do).

By virtue of an agreement between the University for Foreigners in Siena and the University of Pennsylvania, it is possible to take the exam in Philadelphia, at UPenn.

There are six different proficiency levels and you can take more than one diploma (e.g. after an A2 certificate you can take the exam again to get a superior level certificate):

  • A1 low beginner; A2 high beginner;
  • B1 low intermediate; B2 high intermediate;
  • C1 advanced; C2 proficiency

Exam examples can be found on the website of the University for Foreigners of Siena at the following link:

Books for preparation from previous exams can be purchased here:

The CILS exam will be held twice per year. The exams in 2013 will be held on June 6 , 2013 and December 5, 2013. Registrations for the Spring session (June 6) will be accepted until April 24, 2013.

For more info., please contact Rita Pasqui,
-Haverford College Language Learning Center

-ITALIAN Browser (Virgilio)

-Dizionari e glossari

-Garzanti- Instant Italian-English Dictionary 

-Enciclopedia Italiana

-Many sites of interest for Italian culture

Italian Language Foundation
(access to many other sites of interest- access to Italian newspapers, magazines, to Italian literature and language).)
(of particular interest for tourism in Italy)
(University of Notre Dame Web site on Dante)
(Italian tourism, regions, hotel accommodations, etc.,)