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Students Majoring in Italian

Major Representatives 2014/15

Students Minoring in Italian

Current Students

Stephanie Castro is a member of theclass of 2016 and hails from Chicago, Illinois. She hopes to major in Political Science and will minor in Italian. Her interests include readingStephanie Castro dystopian novels, desperately hoping Mexico's national sports teams will win their matches, spending time with her family, miniature dachshund, and cat. She also likes learning about the political affairs, social problems, and general daily lives and cultures of all countries, but especially the United States, Mexico, Italy and the Maldives.

Barbara Cerinza '16 is a sociology major and an Italian minor. She is originally from Caracas, Venezuela. She is a Boston Posse Scholar. She hopes to study abroad in Rome in the fall of 2014. Cerinza


GiovinoNatalie Giovino '17 plans on majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Italian. She comes from an Italian background, with three of her four grandparents born in Italy, so she has loved the food and culture from very early on. In 7th grade she began studying the language and hasn't stopped. Last summer she visited Italy for the first time on a family vacation, and this summer she won a scholarship to study at the Dante Alighieri School in Camerino. Having difficulty returning from her month-long trip, she hopes to study abroad in Italy for a full semester.




Maria Gomez MercedesMaria Gomez Mercedes '16 hopes to major in Cites and a minor in Italian.  She is a Posse scholar from Salem, Massachusetts. Maria also hopes to study abroad in Italy in the fall of  2014. Her interests include Italian culture and cuisine, and how cities (especially italian cities) function, and what makes up a successful city.
Michelle Hughes '15 is an aspiring veterinarian who happens to also have a great interest in the Italian language and culture after studying abroad in Siena (in Tuscany) during her second semester of her Michelle Hughessophomore year. Her favorite Italian pasta dish is penne all'arrabiata. SHe is happy to be a Haverford student majoring at Bryn Mawr in one of the most thrilling departments the tri-co has to offer. PS - If you have a pet you think is cute, she would love to see it! 


Brandon Kelly '15 is an aspiring filmmaker majoring in Italian. He is a recipient of the José Padín Scholarship. He likes Italian so much, he is starting to forget words in his native language and replacing them with Italian. He hopes to study Brandon KellyItalian Cinema in Rome in the Spring of 2014. How cool would it be if he worked in Cinecittà?


Links to some of my work:

Meghan Sanchez '15 is a History major at Haverford College and is minoring in Italian. She will be studying abroad in Rome in the spring of 2014 and hope to continue studying in Italy in the summer of 2014.
Mala SharmaMala Sharma '17 is a recent transfer student to Bryn Mawr College. As an Italian major with an Art minor she is pursuing Graphic Design. She hopes to join a design firm, perhaps one based in Italy! You'll surely see Mala skateboarding around campus, with helmet on, headphones in, and a vivacious smile.
VargasJoaquin Vargas is a junior from snowy Bozeman, MT.  He is majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Italian with interests also in gender and sexuality studies, music and education.  He is an intern at the Office of Multicultural Affairs, as well as an OAR intern.  In his spare time Joaquin loves to swim, watch movies, hang out with friends, explore and eat food of course.  He just came back from studying abroad in Rome, Italy where he had the adventure of a lifetime; he is more than willing to talk with anyone about his time there, the Italian language, Rome, or Italy in general.  He can’t wait to officially become part of the OAR staff family in the 2014 spring semester.
Adriana Volterra

Adriana Volterra '15 is a Comparative Literature major (English and Italian) at Bryn Mawr College. She hopes to be studying abroad at the University of Edinburgh in the fall of 2013.

Siqi Wang

Siqi Wang '15, is a Math and Statistics Major at Haverford College, and minoring in Italian at Bryn Mawr. She is from China and is interested in Medieval and Renaissance history.

Maya Yu Zhang

Maya Yu Zhang '15

Maya Yu Zhang is a senior Italian Studies Major serving as the student representative for the Film Studies Department at Bryn Mawr. Born in China, Maya is a "post 90s" growing up with a strong interest in film, arts and exploration of different cultures. As an aspiring filmmaker, she has produced two short films so far, both of which have won her several honors. Her latest film MARKED debuted at the 2014 Third Annual TriCo Film Festival and won the Best Essay Film Award and the Audience Award. MARKED was also recently selected by two Asian American film festivals in Boston and Philadelphia. Throughout her college years, Maya has worked extensively with the Li Xianting Film Fund on the organization of Beijing Independent Film Festival for three consecutive summers since sophomore year and discovered a wonderful community of independent artists and filmmakers in Songzhuang, Beijing. Expecting to graduate in the spring of 2015, Maya intends to pursue filmmaking after college. She possesses a strong desire to produce films and narratives that engage in dialogues with social and political conditions of our time. Her artistic inspirations are drawn from Michelangelo Antonioni, Chris Marker, Agnes Varda, Edward Yang, Jia Zhangke but most importantly her friends and family.

This is a funny short films about roommate conflict that is also inspired by the concept of dream and imagination. 


Alumnae News

Gretchen Knoth '11 graduated from Bryn Mawr in May 2011 with a double major in Italian and Anthropology and a minor in International Studies. After graduation, she spent a year as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in East Java, Indonesia. She is currently pursuing a career in international development, specifically in promoting access to education in Southeast Asia. Her is hope is to return to Italy soon for a visit after studying abroad in Bologna during her junior year at Bryn Mawr!

KnothGretchen Knoth '11 Awarded Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in Indonesia

After graduation, Gretchen Knoth ‘11 will pack her bags for Indonesia, where she will spend a year teaching English to secondary-school children, supported by a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship.

Knoth, a double major in anthropology and Italian from Portland, Maine, read more



Recent Alumnae

Camila Aguais
Camila Aguais '14 is a History of Art and Fine Art double major, minoring in Italian. She will be studying abroad in Bologna in spring 2013.
Victoria Bindert
Victoria Bindert '14 is a double major in Italian and Economics and is minoring in Environmental Studies. She will be studying abroad in Siena in spring 2013.
Cynthia Columbus '14 is double majoring in Linguistics and Italian. She received the Elinor Nahm Prize in Italian Language and Literature. Cindy was also awarded Second prize (a month of Cynthia Columbussummer study at the University forForeigners in Siena) for her multimedia submission in the Undergraduate Student Competition "Food, Culture, and Italian Identity" organizedby the Centre for Italian Studies at UPenn and the Consulate General of Italy in Philadelphia, and open to college students enrolled in Italian courses. In fall 2012 she will be studying at the University of Bologna with the Indiana University Bologna Consortial Studies Program.


Amanda Filmyer '14 is a Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology major and an Italian minor.  Amanda is interning this summer (2012) at The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology for which Amanda Filmyershe received Dean’s Summer Funding.  She will be working in the Near Eastern Collections Department.  Amanda also received an award from the Archaeology Department to support her internship.  She is a recipient of a W.W. Smith Scholarship.
Sarah Fedorko Macholdt '14 is an English major and an Italian minor. She has always loved Italian culture, and began to take Italian classes her first year at Bryn Sarah Fedorko MacholdtMawr. She hopes to study abroad in Rome in Spring 2013.

Sara Price

Sara Price '14 is an English major an an Italian minor. Sara was just accepted to study in Firenze for the month of July with the Athena Study Abroad program. She will be studying at the Lorenzo d'Medici School and was also one of the recipients of the Intermediate Italian Award.

Jadil Rodriguez '14 is a double major in Italian and Premed. She is a Posse Scholar (Posse Scholarship is a Full 4-year  Tuition scholarship) and was a recipient of the Elinor Nahm Prize in Elementary Italian in the spring of 2011.Jadil Rodriguez

Jadil was accepted to Intern for Infosys' Instep Global Internship Program in Bangalore, India where she will be conducting research for Infosys's Education Department. She will be analyzing the impacts of Indian Culture in Business Relations (Summer 2012).

She plans to study abroad in Rome in the spring of 2013 .
Laura Silla

Laura Silla '14, a double major in Italian and Biology, came from the mountainous terrain of Colorado (where she had little to no exposure to Italian culture) to the luxuriant, rolling hills of Pennsylvania back in 2010. Due to a scheduling conflict, Laura was fortuitously introduced to Italian freshman year and has since fallen in love with the culture and the department.  Laura Silla was the recipient of the Elinor Nahm prize for Intermediate Italian in 2012 and again for Italian Literature and Cinema in 2013. She was able to study abroad in Florence via Syracuse University where she completed an internship with the Biblioteca Biomedica translating ancient medical texts into English for worldwide access (see attachment). She was also the recipient of Syracuse University’s Diario di Bordo contest (a 10-week writing competition resulting in a paid vacation anywhere in Italy [she chose Ferrara]), and the Coluccio Salutati outstanding academic and writing award. Most importantly however, since going to Italy Laura has discovered an intense adoration of prosciutto crudo, so if you ever need anything from her, you know how to win her allegiance. Laura was the Italian Major Representative for spring 2013 and will continue to be for the 2013-2014 school year.

Sofia-Bella Vitale-Gill


Sofia-Bella Vitale-Gill '14 is a double major in Psychology and Italian. She received the Elinor Nahm Prize for Intermediate Italian and plans to study abroad in Rome this coming fall. She says about the Italian Department: "Throughout the past two years, the Italian department and classes have become an instrumental part of my life. While taking classes at Bryn Mawr, I have not only gained participation into another community on campus but also re connected with my family abroad. I am thankful for the amount of support that I have received from for the Italian department, including this year’s Elinor Nahm award.


Vanessa M. Gonzalez '14 is an Economics and International Studies double-major with a minor in Italian. Vanessa GonzalezShe is Brazilian and was awarded the Elinor Nahm Prize in Introductory Italian in May, 2012.


Josephine NyameJosephine Nyame '13 is a psychology major with minors Italian and in child and family studies. She received the Elinor Nahm Prize in Italian Language andLiterature for excellence at  Advanced level Italian.

Allegra Fletcher

Please follow our alumna Allegra Flechter, Italian major, class 2012, in her Internship in Milano by clinking here for her blog

Allegra Fletcher '12, a Posse scholar, is an Italian major and Education minor. She was awarded the Eleanor Nahm Prize in 2009 for excellence in Intermediate Italian, and then again in 2010 for excellence in Italian Literature. She also won the Study Abroad Scholarship awarded by the Coccia Foundation, in order to support her future educational goals. Having served as a TA in the Italian department Allegra will continue her passion for intercultural education through the SITE Internship Program where she will teach English in Milan for the 2012-2013 school year. Upon her return to the U.S. Allegra hopes to be able to teach Italian while continuing her interest in music as a singer-songwriter.






Victoria López '13 is a Biology and Italian double-major. She was awarded the Elinor Nahm Prize, 2010.  In May 2012 she will be publishing on bacteria research that she has been performing this past year. She received a grant to conduct additional research in neural development starting summer 2012.

Victoria Lopez

Minerva Pinto '12 is a History major and an Italian minor. She participated in Bryn Mawr's Summer Study Abroad Program in Pisa in 2009 and received the Elinor Nahm Prize in Italian Language in Literature at the advanced level in 2010. After studying abroad at the University College London during the fall 2011, she was awarded the Hanna Holborn Gray Research Fellowship during the summer to study the origins of competitive nationalisms during the 1980 Moscow Olympics. After graduation, she will be working at a law firm in Philadelphia before attending law school the following year.

Minerva Pinto


Students' Thoughts About the Italian Department

I have felt welcomed and supported by the Italian department from the very beginning and the professors here have challenged me to accomplish things I never imagined I would, such as spending an entire year abroad in Bologna, Italy. Even before leaving for Italy, I had already interacted with native speakers in a number of exciting and engaging ways. For example, in my sophomore year our class went to a concert in Philadelphia to hear traditional Italian music live and afterwards, we got to mingle with the band! The department is always searching for new and creative ways to give students real world practice and we are constantly being informed about the many summer opportunities that are available. For instance, two years ago I participated in a video contest run by the Italian Consulate of Philadelphia and won a month of summer study in Siena, including housing. Studying Italian has even gotten me my first job coming out of college. I will be a Teaching Assistant in Milan with the SITE program and I am beyond excited to continue immersing myself in this beautiful culture. (Cindy Columbus ’14)

"The Italian Department at Bryn Mawr provides a unique academic environment for its students that you could not find elsewhere. Although the department is small, the size allows for a very hands-on, personal experience for anyone interested in studying Italian. Not only do we have introductory courses and lower level courses that address Italian culture, but we also explore intricate aspects of advanced Italian through different types of literature, from modern-day to the Renaissance literature. While studying Italian at Bryn Mawr, the students are able to develop close relations with the professors and other students of Italian through classroom experiences, Italian teas and special dinners. Additionally, we are connected to many resources, including outside scholarships, the Italian consulate and multiple study abroad programs. Overall, majoring/minoring in Italian at Bryn Mawr College is a great experience that is not only intellectually stimulating, but also allows the students to explore outside interests, such as culture. I am extremely happy with my choice to major in Italian and to be able to learn about and partake in such a wonderful language and culture."
(Mairin O'Connor '13)

"As an Italian major at Bryn Mawr College, I have come to see how wonderful Italian really is.  The Italian Department is a an asset to any student willing to learn about the Italian language as well as culture and literature studies.  The language courses help you develop correct grammar and pronunciation skills – regardless of your level.  The upper level courses, mostly literature courses, are an excellent way of exploring the different changes that have undergone in Italian literature, which reflect their culture as well.  From the Renaissance to modern day literature, Bryn Mawr’s Italian Department has it all!  The Department also offers cross-listed courses, so you don’t have to be a student of Italian to come check one of the classes out.  With professors that really give their all in teaching and helping students feel comfortable inside and outside the classroom, they can be quickly seen as family.  Studying Italian has been one of the best decisions I’ve done!  If you have the opportunity of taking an Italian class, I would recommend you to do so. " (Vicky López  '13)

"By my senior year I realized I had many academic interests and I had the pleasure and opportunity to see the Italian Department grow as I grew. History, fashion, psychology, religion, sociology, literature and more can all be found in the Italian Department, and that is what I loved most about being an Italian major. Everything I wanted was already there, and I was able to also work on improving my romance language skills at the same time. I am most appreciative of the space and freedom I was given in pursuing my thesis topic. I was able to combine literary analysis with history and sociology to talk about Italian colonialism in Somalia, focusing it through the work of Igiaba Scego, an Italian author of Somalian descent. I felt supported from freshman year to senior year. Given the opportunity I would choose Italian again, and I would likely take more language courses as well." (Allegra Fletcher '12)

"I never dreamt of learning Italian, let alone majoring in it. I loved my first year Elementary class with Professor Ute Striker; in fact, the German’s passion of Italian literature and culture pulled me deeper into the loving, wonderful, family-like world of the Italian Department. I have enjoyed all my classes and have developed close friendships with most of my professors and fellow majors. We met regularly for dinners and lunches, or for a good cup of caffè, and had a good time together (though this was perhaps due to my own overly-enthusiastic passion for food). The classes, ranging from Dante and Renaissance to a study of Primo Levi and other Holocaust-related works, were wonderfully insightful and taught me a great deal about our world. As the senior Italian major representative 2008-09, I had the honor of getting the whole department together for dinners and teas (not quite like the old English Victorian-style tea parties, I imagine, but fun nonetheless), and talk to the prospective majors about my own experiences. Now that I am starting at Jefferson Medical College this August (2009), I feel happy and proud of having written my Italian thesis on Giovanni Boccaccio’s The Decameron, and I feel nothing but love for my Italian family. I am especially thankful to all my professors for introducing me to this wonderful culture, and I am grateful for the opportunity I had to study abroad in Siena and meet the fun, lively people of Tuscany." (Pritika Gupta '09)

Past Italian Majors

Spring 2005

Alani Rosa Hicks-Bartlett (triple major: Italian/French/Spanish)
Annabella Cathryne Rutigliano
Olivia Thomas Byron

Spring 2006

Erin Bagus (Comparative Literature/ Italian/Philosophy, Haverfor College)

Charlotte Elizabeth Haimes
Kathryn Dorothy Matney

Spring 2007
Chelsea Card (Haverford College)

Frances Catherine Edwards (Spanish/Italian)
Lavinia Eugenia Fiamma
Margaret Ann Folcarelli (Italian/French)
Flicka Catherine Michaels (French/Italian)
Latoya Celeste Richardson

Spring 2008
Anna Dejdar

Stephanie Michele Heslop
Rachel Harriet Lavenda
Jessica Harriet Lee
Laurel Dineen Pellegrino
Elizabeth Rachel Schwartz
Lydia Vasco(Comparative Literature/ Italian/Political Science)

Spring 2009
Pritika Gupta (Double major: Italian/Biology, Haverford)
Allegra Garabedian

Romance languages
Aliette Gonzales
Spring 2010
Chelsea Coate
Romance Languages (Italian/French)
Ingrid Karin Nieters
Jessamine Skye Newton Kelley
Jillian Amelia Ferrara
Maria Fernanda Miranda
Spring 2011
Gretchen Karin Knoth
Kelsey Lee Lynch
Spring 2012
Allegra Fletcher